A bit unfair, B2. Simon’s reply was posted …

Comment posted Major success for Argyll and Bute Council education staff and for Kilmodan school by WCHB.

A bit unfair, B2. Simon’s reply was posted before newsy posted the update.

Recent comments by WCHB

  • Michael Russell looks like the first SNP MSP to put a personal Plan B into action
    Hi H2O
    I’m glad you “like stating ForArgyll is impartial and reports news.”
    But we knew that anyway. Thanks
  • Terrifying near miss on London tube’s Northern Line on Monday evening
    Is it perhaps time for us to have thumbs up/down for news stories? Or is this going too far?
    Perhaps 3 thumbs – Like, Dislike, Irrelevant (to the reviewer)
  • International fleet of classic Fife yachts to create a July sailing spectacle on Argyll’s secret coast
    I’m a (sort of) internet punctuation bigot, and in this case Neil was absolutely correct – a short, enthusiastic comment in ALL CAPS.
    (And I’m a sailor too, if you hadn’t guessed)
  • Why has UK Borders Force changed immigration rules for cruise passengers?
    So, how many Immigration Officers (and their associated desks) are going to turn up at Oban to disembark 2000+ passengers? 2? – even 20 means each one processes 100 passengers. And then hang about all day, because, unlike an airport, the cruisers don’t all disembark on arrival.

    They don’t all go back on board. Some will take taxi or hire car to meet up with the liner at a later port.

  • Scotland said to lack systems to maintain safe road markings
    I don’t often agree with Simon but…

    I went looking for NRSMA, and the report.

    I found no National RSMA, but found RSMA


    It’s a commercial organisation, supporting its members.
    When you look at the “About” section, it’s very much about.

    The organisation … promoting the industry as a whole and the collective interests of its members.
    The RSMA’s team … support its members.

    …providing a base for discussion, training and standards that help to ensure the health and safety of operators and to develop a highly trained, fully-qualified workforce

    The report itself


    is very much Highways Agency (Eng, Wales) based, with a couple of scathing paragraphs on Scotland towards the end (but no Argyll roads get specific mention)

    The contact detail on the report is not RSMA itself, but a London PR company – Hadstrong


    Style: Confidently creates punchy media stories on minuscule budgets
    Skill: devises PR campaigns to give clients a share of voice in the media that outstrips their marketing spend ten-fold and changes their status in their industry

    So, an on the ball, effective pressure group, deploying good resources. But, the term “vested interest” could apply.
    Comment. If you’re driving at night, and can’t see where the road goes, slow down.

    If you really really want the specs for road marking, it’s a 30 page pdf


    I think it’s up to date, the previous version was TD26/05

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16 Responses to A bit unfair, B2. Simon’s reply was posted …

  1. Yet another success for a school the previous administration, and in particular Cllr Marshall’s criteria, would have us believe is failing.

    A little encouragement and a little support and our rural schools can, and do, demonstrate quite how effective they are and quite how well they deliver education.

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  2. So, is this Aileen Goodall one of these much maligned immprovement officers we keep hearing newsie and FA rubbishing??


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    • We could do chapter and verse on QIOs in general and in particular but it seems thrawn to do that right at the moment because our hope is that things will improve under new political guidance.

      ARSN was always aware that QIOs follow instructions from their employer and indeed it was obvious that some were uncomfortable with the roles they had during the closure consultations, not least the dreadful scripts they had to read from (Vygotsky indeed!).

      Now that there’s a new administration, we hope to see more of the kind of work Aileen Goodall is doing. Given all the negative tensions involved in the closure debacle, I’m sure it’s what our QIOs would rather be doing.

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        • Just checked our time logs. We posted the update at 08.23 and Simon’s comment to which Barmore 2 refers was posted at 09.09.
          I had done this time log check myself and had not noticed the days, only the hours.
          Simon posted his comment on 3rd June at 9.09pm.
          Our update to the article was on 4th June at 08.23am.

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  3. It is certainly very interesting to hear what has been happening in Kilmodan.Has this been successful in the other schools across Argyll?
    I would love to hear from the teachers and support staff on the closure story now that they are allowed a voice without
    the threat of disciplne.Or have all the bosses seen the light.Still a lot of money being paid to the QIO,s or is this new title a change or additional staff?
    I would hope that the education department and Carol Walker,s so called leadership will be examined very quickly by the new council along with giving us the answers to spygate and Jo Smith.Is she still sitting at home being paid to get a sun tan.

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    • Well said Barmore 2. Kilmodan deserve our congratulations, as do all the wee schools who keep clocking up one prize or another for doing really special and wonderful work.

      I reckon Argyll & Bute always had the best chance of implementing the Curriculum for Excellence because the wee schools already had to operate that way to an extent and the teachers really know how to make it work. Let’s hope they’re allowed to flourish now so the kids, and their communities, can move forward with security and confidence.

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  4. Yes – well done to EDOs, so why shouldnt all the QIOs become EDOs?
    And I hope that Neil McIntyre gets the answers to his questions quickly – I cant think of a good reason why he shouldnt.

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  5. Regarding the update which reads ‘Auileen Goodall is an Educational Development Officer – not a Quality Improvement Officer. This keeps the pressure on the question of just what the very many QIOs at Argyll and Bute council actually do and whether that is worth what it costs us’

    This is an important point of discussion. It would be interesting to know what are the remits of both roles and how much overlap is there. Based purely on title (which can obviously be misleading) they certainly appear to be roles which must have a lot of similar responsibilities. Are we getitng value for money from these two roles?

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    • I think the best people to enquire this with would be Head Teachers across Argyll & Bute and perhaps ask them to list the areas they have received help or have found QIOs and QIMs to actually have been a benefit to them.

      I already know the thoughts of one area – so I would expect much silence to follow such a request.

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  6. Surely after the chaos of the rural schools proposed closures the points made by Integrity and Crazy in response to this story would be a great place to start for our new councillors The investigation into duplication of responsibility across the whole spectrum of council departments will surely follow.Jobs can be created and services improved if someone has the sense and guts to do it.

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  7. I expect the new Lead Councillor on Education, who knows his area of reponsibilty , possibly better than his appointed staff, to lay down the law to his staff as to policies and guidance. The days of paid staff laying down policy, and failing to give correct information to the elected members and the Council as a whole, are over. One such occurrence such as we have seen in the last few years will lead, I hope, not to resignations and “settlements” but to termination with no recompence. The first real test will probably come in the next 2 weeks with the report on Spygate and the dealing with the culprits in that affair.

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