Jura Distillery and Olympus launch Community Spirit photographic competition

‘Community Spirit’ could hardly be a better chosen title for an 8 week worldwide photographic competition launched today (11th January).

Jura single malt whisky, in partnership with Olympus, announced an online photography competition to find images from across the world that best embody the theme of  – ‘community spirit’.

The winning photographer in each of the eight weeks of the competition will bring its creator an Olympus VG-170 camera and a bottle of Jura 16 year old. The winning photograph will be the one receiving the greatest number of public votes during the week in question.

There will be three overall winners – one from North America, one from the UK and one from the rest of the world. These will be chosen by Jura from a short list that Jura too will compile.

Each of the three winners and their partners will be given a week’s all-expenses stay in the exclusive Jura Lodge, with a VIP tour of the Jura distillery and of the spectacularly lovely island.

Each winner will also receive an Olympus PEN E-PL3 camera and a photography workshop from award-winning photographer David Nightingale, while they’re on the island.

Jura is known for its small and close-knit community of under 200 people. The walls of the Distillery Visitor Centre are adorned with photos of Diurachs (the Gaelic name for the people of Jura) past and present, who have all played their part in contributing to the island’s famous community spirit.

Willie Cochrane, the charismatic distillery manager, says: ‘We may only have 200 people living on the island but as a community we possess a spirit that is unique to Jura – and I’m not just talking about the whisky.

‘Many people, both islanders and tourists, have captured our spirit on camera over the years. These photographic records of people and events – that have helped to define what it means to be a Diurach – are a significant part of Jura’s history, telling the story of our culture and community. We look forward to welcoming the winners of this competition to the island and sharing the Diurach spirit with them.’

Entering the competition?

Amateur photographers are invited to submit photographs that best tell a story of community spirit.

Jura distillery says that these images could include photos of groups or individuals that evoke the spirit of the neighbourhood in which they live, or even photos of festivals and events that conjure the character of a particular place.

To enter, contestants must upload a photo that captures community spirit onto an e-postcard template along with a description in 50 words or less of why that picture tells a story of community spirit. Entrants are encouraged to share their e-postcards with friends and family.

Jura will assess a shortlist of the very best ‘postcards’ and pick three lucky winners – one from North America, one from the UK and a third from the rest of the world.

The competition – which can be found here by visiting its webpage on the Jura Distillery website – opens today (Monday, 11th June) and will run for eight weeks, closing on Friday, 3 August.

Anyone prompted to visit the island to get a sense of the community spirit has a choice of travelling by the CalMac ferry to Islay and then taking the little Feolin ferry across the Sound of Islay to Jura, with the paps of Jura simply commanding attention.

Alternatively – and a fabulously scenic alternative – is to use the Jura Passenger Ferry which runs from Tayvallich in Loch Sween, down the loch, out into the Sound of Jura and into the lagoon-like waters of Craighouse, the island’s charming village. Read our illustrated account of taking that route – and get a glimpse of the legendary Willie Cochrane.

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3 Responses to Jura Distillery and Olympus launch Community Spirit photographic competition

  1. Good Morning For Argyll,
    A usually reliable Jura source has just told me that Jura Distillery has unexpectedly stopped production. Have your sources any information on the current position? The official line is that it’s because of “overproduction” but there are rumours flying about that it is actually related to the current financioal difficulties being experienced by Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya, who owns United Spirits and Whyte and MacKay, the Jura blend, and who is apparently struggling to find funds to keep his Indian airservice, Kingfisher Airlines operating. Something for you to get your investigative teeth into I think !! Best wishes, George.

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