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I fully agree that the MCA are those …

Comment posted on Jackie Baillie MSP calls on SPT to ‘get a grip’ on Kilcreggan ferry situation by awsnews

I fully agree that the MCA are those best qualified to make judgements on this matter. I was only trying to highlight that the pictures did support more having occurred than the report states.
I don’t think this could be treated as anything less than a ‘near miss’ in reporting terms as there is a loose mooring line and as you state had the other line parted the consequences could have been more severe.
I would still expect the pier to be a far more robust structure than implied, it was built in a bygone age to accommodate vessels of far greater size and power than the current ferry. Having observed the Waverley use a mooring line to assist in ‘reversing’ around the corner of Helensburgh Pier gives an idea of just how much force these structures can withstand.

awsnews also commented

  • “We can see no immediately supportable scenario in what they are saying here”

    Apart from the loose mooring line visible in the photo, the blue one in the water?

    As for structural damage to the pier I would expect the rope to fail first, if it didn’t then they need to condemn the entire structure as unsafe.

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