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Time this was wrapped up. It is over …

Comment posted Jackie Baillie MSP calls on SPT to ‘get a grip’ on Kilcreggan ferry situation by Local River Worker 2.

Time this was wrapped up. It is over subsidised for the amount of passengers being carried on runs regularly. Or the service should be reduced to only cover peak times.

It is embarassing that such a small part of SPT’s decent network is causing so much public debate and finger pointing.

Anyone who has cause for concern in relationship to the seamanship/competency of the crew and or vessel should contact the MCA as they accepted this vessel for this run.

Local River Worker 2 also commented

  • councillor it is your job to represent you constituents not decide if and when you should represent them.
    If you couldn’t find the meeting effective you have described your own input brilliantly – our leaders should be able to guide debate not get bogged down in the pettiness.
    You have failed in this debate and have show so by not partaking – I’m furious by your lack of strength regarding this and you will fail to get me to vote on your/party behalf again.
    Where do you stand on Helensburgh CHORD – or is there a fence involved again when you feel this is necessary. Lets get it done before it never happens – a bunch of kids could have done better and quicker regarding the process given the authority. My major concern is the next thing we hear is appropriate funding is not in place and lets vote or consult again and again and again – then appropriate funding is not available – end of debate.
  • Happy with the subsidised method of SPTs affair, unhappy with how much this one particular route is subsidised……. Not difficult to realise when you hear 3 crew on a passage with no passengers regularly as I do.
    If the tide height at Helensburgh doesn’t work into the route; so be it. This cannot be changed and a bus return journey is better than a ferry aground off Helensburgh ‘obviously’.
    This route is not utilised to its fullest potential and will not be under the current structure so should therefore be wrapped up. No private company will operate this service as it cannot be profitable. We cannot afford to subsidise this route and many other things we continue to support. On the bus or in your car, it’s harsh but true.
    Generally no one visits Kilcgreggan or Gourock specifically so these are just thoroughfares. Lets get a service going from where it is required to a destination (Helensburgh to Greenock may be an idea) of note, this may almost pay off.
    I would catch that twice daily.
    Contact the MCA/MAIB reference any semanship/unsafe operations concerns, it is their job to follow this up.

Recent comments by Local River Worker 2

  • Coal boat adrift off Ireland since 1st February now tugged into the Clyde
    MV Cape Elise inbound for Hunterston is being towed due to electrical/mechanical difficulties and will go to No.6 anchorage until made good to berth at the coal terminal. 2 Clyde based Serco Damen 2909 tugs (SD Reliable and SD Resourceful) will be heading down from Faslane to assist the coastal tug UOS Liberty (which came round from Aberdeen) and JP Knights tug Kestrel (which came round from Invergordon) at the Cumbrae pilot station tomorrow morning.

  • Councillor Freeman describes ‘flop’ demonstration at Faslane this morning
    Primarily the plan would be to reduce the Faslane foot print, make several thousand people working and living in Scotland redundant – reduce the amount of schools/teachers, community health organsisations required due to the rush of people out of the community. This would be devastating to the West coast of Scotland.

    Watch the cars leaving with Alba stickers on their rear bumper and relocating in the SW city of Plymouth, where they already refit these submarines, have a nuclear licence to operate as a nuclear facility and can simply base port a few surface ships in Portsmouth to free up the berth space.

    Come on people think about it – the largest employers on the West Coast is not going to hang a round to work out how the Government of the day will destroy their business.

    The yes campaign will sell its soul for the financial rewards of allowing Trident to stay at Faslane at the last minute because the growth forecasts will be woeful, unless they are banking on taxing all North Sea operators so much that it may not be viable to operate within the Scottish Economic Zone.

    Think people this may be the separation of the Union but certainly the devastation of Scotland.

  • Conundrum in Yeoman Bank’s anchoring off Machrihanish
    Tugs in the locale were made available to Aggregate Industries for the prompt berthing of Yeoman Bank at Glensanda and it was a business decision to have the repairs conducted prior to loading a cargo for passage.

    This ship was not posing any danger to life, environment or impeding a major shipping channel so would therefore not have been serviced by an ETV under the previous arrangements for a defective bow thruster (a common problem for ships).

    Good to see Clyde tugs supporting Aggregate Industries in a moment of need again.

  • Yeoman Bontrup: Dawn date with the Lazarus ship
    Well done FA. Glad to see her back up and part of the Yeoman Fleet again. Good news story all round.
  • Ship grounding demonstrates risk level for NW Scotland without ETV tugs
    I agree fully that an emergency towing capability needs to be retained in this region.

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