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The ferry left Kilcreggan To go Gorock whilst …

Comment posted Jackie Baillie MSP calls on SPT to ‘get a grip’ on Kilcreggan ferry situation by jack-elliot.

The ferry left Kilcreggan To go Gorock whilst still Berthed.

When it returned later that day fro Gourock it only had one engine working … it then made two more journeys but had to be repaired because the MCA was informed that day so it had to be fixed.

Recent comments by jack-elliot

  • Argyll Ferries cannot win – and neither can Dunoon
    The Newsroom is not news only gossip mixed with malicious mis=information.

    Kilcreggen ferry is running fine

    those with comments sit in their darkened rooms in Milingavie and outsirks of Glasgow away from the water on for ferries,

    most of the words here are taken with a pinch of salt and find a strange entertainment as it is often far from truth and a true honest analysis/

    Biased childish slandering is the beginings of this attempt which is now not taken seriously by myself

    a shame

    but there lacks some inspiring human nice endaevour

  • Argyll’s Rosneath Peninsula one of nine shortlisted for 2013 Creative Places award
    The concentration of domestic architectural gems in the Peninsular is probably without parallel in Scotland

    Nice to comment on the Architectural gem of the Kilcreggan Windfarm.

    Hope a celebration of the potential windfarm on Kilcreggan is included

  • Argyll’s Rosneath Peninsula one of nine shortlisted for 2013 Creative Places award
    This comes as a result of the popular movement for the windfarms to benefit the peninsula cultural economic and for future development.

    So to the Windfarms, Windfarms.

    Kilcreggan Windfarms

    The news is good.

  • Letter from notable Argyll wind farm campaigner off to Geneva to support complaint
    We need more windfarms

    windfarms Windfarms

    Kilcreggan will have windfarms

    The local people want the windfarms

    Nice lovley windfarms.

    inland offshore lovely nice windfarms

    It is the future.

    The future is Windfarms.

    To benefit the Economy.

    To benefit the Ecology.

    Windfarms are a benefit to the people.

    They are the future and there will be more.



  • Clyde Coastguard effectively closed as from this evening
    but at least we will have windfarms

    lots of nice windfarms



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