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Now the story’s reached the BBC News Scotland …

Comment posted It’s goodbye from Martha as Council switches off her dinnercam by Robert Wakeham.

Now the story’s reached the BBC News Scotland website, so it’s very much up to the councillors to show what they’re made of.
‘Omerta’ isn’t an option.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Now it’s on the BBC R4 ten o’clock national headlines.
  • If you try and party politicise this, Ife, all you’ll do is stir up a swarm of party paranoids and really fog up the real issue. The suspicion that you yourself are a product of Argyll’s educational system is really quite worrying.
  • Having just heard the BBC R4 Today item (at about 7.20 – 7.25) on Martha’s ‘termination’ it’s now imperative for the councillor responsible for education to ‘come clean’ and try and rescue the situation – for all those people who voted for a cleaner council, if for no-one else. Any notion of supporting senior officers would be utterly misguided.
  • If the decision was taken by councillors, I wonder if this was as the result of ‘expert’ advice from senior council staff? If so, the councillors should be transparent about their decision making process, and justify their decision.

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