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Comment posted Jura Distillery waits for loch to recover from drought and 24/7 production period by Calum Kennedy.

I recall in the 50’s and 60,s in the Summer in Islay production would stop and distillery workers would go to cut peats for use in the kilns in the coming season or would be cleaning the lade (“the river”) carrying the water to the distillery.Both jobs were Olympic standard in exposure to midges and clegs.

In addition maintenance would be carried out including whitewashing and I remember distillery workers whitewashing the Round Church in Bowmore as well as the distillery!!

Non-production tasks such as warehousing and despatch of casks to the Mainland would continue.

Barley was floor malted and the heat of the summer made this more difficult. Another reason for a break from production.

Recent comments by Calum Kennedy

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    Newsroom – are you going to correct your article to take account of Alan Stewart`s comments above and make it clear that the invitation is from the Community Council and not the Development Company?
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    Good news. Newsroom can you tell me what is the “designated whisky viewing room” you mention in paragraph 3.
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    Jamie Black- all I can say is that the experinces of my own life do not reflect yours at all. I am content with the effectiveness of the local Police.
    I do not presume to speak for “my community” as I have no substantive evidence of their view. However , I would judge it is not as black a view as you have put forward.
    I wholly agree with the criticism of individual actions and mistakes but does that mean that the local effectiveness of the Police falls to be condemned – unless of course there is an unfortunate fall in standards in your local area.These may lie behind the concerns you have expressed and no doubt you will have brought them to the attention of the relevant authorities.
  • CalMac, Islay, Colonsay, the Uig Triangle and the refit ‘lobster quadrille’
    To Murdoch MacKenzie; I don`t know the relevant figures although I have been told that the Isle of Lewis cannot be accommodated on the Islay run or in other words it is too big.

    To James Smith: I am not here to defend the Newsroom, but it is surely obvious that the production and sale of whisky is beneficial to the Scottish economy just as the production of Nissan vehicles is to the economy of North West England.
    Why change the debate to the right to collect Spirit Duty and to the question of Independence or the satus quo? Is there nothing that cannot be hijacked to give vent to the competing views on that subject.. I can assure you that the people who were left without ferry transport were not minded to discuss the ins and outs of Independence but were more concentrated on reaching their destinations and avoiding a similar situation in the immedaiate future.

  • CalMac, Islay, Colonsay, the Uig Triangle and the refit ‘lobster quadrille’
    I am not so well informed that I could second guess the likes of Diageo or Suntory in organising their carriage of whisky and its ingredients to and from Islay. It is in my view,in any event wrong to swing the search for a solution on to them and away from the public ferry service.

    I was not saying that the simultaneous use of the two oldest ferries was “less than reassuring” I consider it was a risk too far and a poor decision.Without getting labelled as having an “emotional attachment” to the Finlaggan, perhaps the answer may have been to leave her on the Islay run in the first place. There are after all alternative routes available to those travelling to the Outer Hebrides and a smaller ferry such as the Isle of Arran may have sufficed. Inconvenient maybe, but not cut off altogether without a scheduled service.


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