Looks absolutely brilliant! Wish I had been …

Comment posted Furnace Jubilee Raft Race – a world turned upside down by Crazy She-Bat.

Looks absolutely brilliant! Wish I had been there to enjoy the fun.

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  • National newspaper lambasts SNP mess in Argyll
    And so the spotlight of the National media shines again on Argyll…

    and as usual, not for a good reason.

    Lets just say it like it is – Local Government is not and has not been working here for some time. The upper echelons of the council needs completely gutted, Councillors and Officers alike and in their place, something that actually works for the people of Argyll in the best interests of the populous and not for their own selfish benefit.

  • Am dram wardrobe for Scottish team’s Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony costumes
    Its taken me a couple of days to feel brave enough to venture near the internet or the tv and come forward. I am a victim of ocular assault.

    After washing my eyeballs with bleach (from Lidl) I am dismayed to see that my first impressions of the Commonwealth Costumes are correct. Who knew there was a tartan named “Puke”?

    I would love to know what that wee woman was smoking when she designed that. It certainly wasn’t kippers.

    It truly is awful. Supporting Scotland in any sport is embarrassing enough, but this takes the Tunnock’s teacake.

    Is it not too late to change it to tracksuits and baseball caps? The unofficial uniform of Greater Glasgow anyway? And it would be the first time a tracksuit would have been worn in the city by someone actually taking part in sport.

    I think I shall spent the 23rd of July hiding up in the hills with a paper bag over my head pretending to be a wild haggis.

  • Audit Scotland’s latest report on Argyll and Bute Council ‘disappointing and worrying for local people’
    Our council is rotten. There’s a surprise. Its not like we don’t already know this.

    The only way this is going to change is the complete replacement of the senior officers at the council and councillors in place who are not in it for themselves.

    However, the chances of this are remote at best and will no doubt only happen when things come to a cataclysmic end in Argyll & Bute.

  • Next set of overnight closures coming up for A82 at Pulpit Rock
    The A82 is also closed at the Stoneymollan Roundabout to Dumbarton stretch over the next few nights.
  • Crowds, cabers, clans, crafts and choir for Luss Highland Games
    Hopefully there will be some good weather and not too many midgies for the games.

    If so, I shall be selling my car space to the highest bidder…

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