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Cowal Courier is suggesting to-day that there may …

Comment posted Possible weather disruption to Gourock ferry services 14th and 15th June by DunoonLad.

Cowal Courier is suggesting to-day that there may well be thoughts of cancelling the contract with Argyll Ferries due to last weekend’s chaos. Problem is what would/could replace this service at short notice?

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  • I see that Alex Salmond has (again) stated that his Government want passenger/vehicle ferries on the route. He stated this several years ago on the radio! The saga continues.
  • If! the contract were ever to be cancelled to Argyll Ferries, how would any other company run the service any better? I also wonder what would have been the outcome if Western, or any of the other offers had been accepted, as they all were going to use passenger only boats.
  • To ferryman – the current Western ships probably do not have large enough passenger lounges. As a lot of posts point out, only purpose built ships will provide adequate facilities, unless you go back in history and use ships like “the Maid class” which were best described as small steamers, with good passenger facilities. Some of them were eventually converted to carry cars.
  • The Cowal Courier has an interesting article on an e-mail discussion they had with our M.S.P. regarding any replacement ships. There was an update from the ferry users group in the Standard last week.
  • Again, I have no idea if Western would be selling any ships, and if they did, what restrictions they might put on them. Passenger only service is currently subsidised, but surely these ships would be more than suitable for this route, and the passenger capacity could be vastly improved with them on the route. Just an idea that might be viable?

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