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Did you say a bottle of Jura…………damn good …

Comment posted Fife Council joins Aberdeenshire in asking for suspension of wind farm applications by henri.

Did you say a bottle of Jura…………damn good stuff

henri also commented

  • Why don’t we focus this discussion on energy reduction instead. How about we cut down our energy needs by 50% by the year 2022. What is about to evolve in the next 10 years is a new tax system to penalize energy abusers and I am all for it. I live in a community where no cars are required. I have everything I need within walking distance. This is the community of the future.
    What thou sayest Dr. McKenzie ?
  • Malcolm…….did I take away your lollipop on you ?
  • Malcom………reactors can and will blow up when the conditions are right. You are good at playing with words. Your historical knowledge about nuclear accidents is pitiful.

    Anyway, we were discussing “windmills”.

  • OK Malcolm
  • I am very surprised that Dr. McKenzie is not advocating energy use reductions more strongly. Reductions in the use of energy won’t be an easy pill to swallow. How we use energy and all the ramifications connected with said reductions is going to be an extremely complex exercise and will take years of adaptation. The social implications will be enornous. Wind farms and tidal power may have a place in this process in the initial stages but those applications will be very limited.

    I think that some of you are not totally understanding the environmental issues we are facing. I cringe at the comments some of you make.

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