Walter Burton? Walter Burton!! I posted a link …

Comment posted And have you heard: ‘Argyll and Bute – the NeverSeconds Song’ by Simon.

Walter Burton? Walter Burton!! I posted a link to this days ago!!

And nobody said thanks.

Simon also commented

  • See Crazy!!!

    I bliddy told you it was a conspiracy!!!!


Recent comments by Simon

  • Gigha community ownership on brink of failure
    Newsie’s ‘views and opinions’ fit neatly into the ‘radical turned conservative in later life’ scenario – the once-pretend-right-on-radical who with age, weight and income those self-same views of hers have become – establishment, sterile, withered, barren, bleak and predictably Tory.

    I sincerely hope Andy doesn’t sue – after all NOBODY takes the Ould Biddy seriously anymore….

  • In a party for whom 84,000 members are not enough for candidate selection, will Hosie’s elevation curtail Salmond’s ambitions?
    To get back to the topic – does this mean that people who have been expelled from the SNP, ie local councillors here in A&B, are able to stand again? And, with the support of the SNP?
  • Stramash award underlines sense of company’s big investment decision
    Well done Stramash and I hope this expansion works out for them. However, I surely cannot be the only one to find it rather strange that Newsie and FA have almost completely ignored the rural parliament meeting in Oban this week. Maybe she couldn’t get press accreditation here either.
  • Anonymous £15k donation to Mull’s Ulva Ferry Community Housing project
    Excellent news from an ambitious small community determined not to die. Their self-help bottom-up approach is in complete contrast to other threatened schools/communities that seem to do little other than whine, whinge and turn up on-demand to demonstrate outside Council meetings.

    More cuts coming that’s for sure.

    ps If they do actually create a national education body that could immediately make the closing down of small, expensive, under-utilised schools much easier as national politician are less susceptible to local pressure.

  • Planning permission for Ulva School Community Association Housing project
    Well done Ulva for getting off their bahookies and doing something positive about rural depopulation. It’s just a pity that other communities with expensive rural schools and a declining population don’t do something similar.

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10 Responses to Walter Burton? Walter Burton!! I posted a link …

    • Thank you Simon. I’m sorry I missed this for every possible reason.
      I personally had not seen your link. We share comment moderation duty so who sees what depends on who’s doing it.
      Walter Burton phoned us and so told me about this direct.
      We’re very glad of information like this and to see it shared as you did.

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  1. That was excellent and hopefully it will also go viral around the world. Perhaps then Ms Sally Loudon and Clelland Sneddon will fall on their swords!!

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