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The blog is clearly written by the child. …

Comment posted NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity by linnhe.

The blog is clearly written by the child.
It is a family education project that all the rest of us have abused.
The dinner ladies are employed by the school..
this blog is not “tactless, and overly critical blog” about ANY individual.
The blog and the family have been supportive of and supported by the staff.
The pics are great.. and the engagement that Martha is getting with folks around the world is inspiring.
If the council cannot support their staff (the dinner ladies) then attack the council .. NOT a 9 year old.

linnhe also commented

  • Robert
    I think you have a mistype in your sentence
    “if our council is to retain its credibility and public respect.”
    If you replace “retain” with “regain” you would be closer to the mark.
  • could not disagree more.
    There is a nationwide issue about School Meals.
    What Martha is doing is getting children talking about what they are eating ! This should be encouraged and expanded.
    This is GOLD that none of the celebrities have succeeded in doing.
    She is questionning WHERE her meat comes from – GOOD – if the council cannot provide a satisfactory answer, then they should work harder.
    She is highlighting that some meal choices are good and some are not. GOOD – let the council take that on board and improve the choices.
    She is challenging her fellow students – her choices are far better than some will be. GOOD – let her continue to be a good example.
    And far more importantly she is learning how to stick at something, not be a 1 day wonder; she is learning to engage with other children around the globe; she is learning that some things do not change over night because life is more complicated than that; but that one person CAN make a difference with words…
    Oh, and the fine Dinner Ladies – let the council do their job as employers and ensure that there is a full dialogue with them to make the neccesary improvements and to ensure that they are happy and secure in their jobs.

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