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How much more evidence do councillors need to …

Comment posted NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity by arnie.

How much more evidence do councillors need to fire Clueless Sneddon? Great publicity wheeze by the dad expecting blundering Sneddon to charge in but pity the poor manipulated child. Been following the blog and its obvious dad is writing or guiding the entries. Mary’s meals is the winner so not all tawdry. Didn’t some parents in US get prosecuted for something similar.

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  • So who’s in the SNP Council Group today – and should they be?
    Iain MacLean and the SNP crowing the bye election is won already with 62% yes vote. I did vote yes despite Mike Russell and the SNP but I won’t vote for another SNP councillor in Oban. We have one left and he’s useless. We don’t need another. Why is there no Liberal Democrat?
  • Council investigation in to Communications Manager’s activities
    Last Post really.
    Investigation was also a cover to find who had leaked the story about Smith’s presentation but it being on web. Bullying, intimidation, accusations then the “fit-up” leaving the two staff no option but to resign. Loudon and Smith do have big bums.
    Coalition in chaos – MacCuish not up to job, Semple ruthlessly ambitious, what about Philand?. Robb is the obvious choice on ability but not popular and he comes from Helensburgh and would fire Sneddon and Loudon.
    That’s all folks!!
  • Council investigation in to Communications Manager’s activities
    Mrs A update.
    The internet monitoring of ARSN by the Council organised by Sneddon and done by Smith had Loudon’s approval but warned not to use council equipment it is widely believed. All went well and this gave Sneddon an advantage in trying to undermine ARSN. Smith let the cat out of the bag so became the patsy.
    The cover-up is a £30,000 external investigation which looked for words like “spy”, “spying” and “covert surveillance” on Smith’s computer and interviewed a few staff (surprisingly nobody confessed) but no senior management. The Council was cleared with no case to answer. This information has now been removed from public view.
    An agreement was reached between Loudon, McCuish, Semple and the opposition leaders to spring this on the Council on Thursday and nod it through without challenge. All questions were blocked by the Provost.
    The Council has set aside money to pay for a successful appeal against dismissal and two cases of constructive dismissal.
    MacCuish is worried about a rebellion and has called a secret emergency meeting next week. No secret as he doesn’t understand that management is working to get the old lot back in power to keep their jobs. Loudon and Sneddon are here to stay.
    This is the last post as Mrs A getting a bit worried about her job in the Kremlin.
  • Looks like a council reshuffle
    Roddie is a great laddie but hardly a match for Loudon and Sneddon. He is just the front man – others are running the show for the SNP. Even when he delivered the wrong mail he always had a wee story. Roddie running the council don’t you be daft. See you at the game – just leaving now.
  • Looks like a council reshuffle
    There’s BAD news from kilmory castle. Integrity and Simon were right. Loudon has backed Sneddon and put daft laddie McCuish in his place. He won’t sack Loudon now but this will split the coalition. Mrs A says depression spreading amongst staff as news comes out. Staff think this lot are as spineless as the last.

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