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What a load of rubbish! It is wonderful …

Comment posted NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity by Cassandra Leslie.

What a load of rubbish! It is wonderful that people are able to raise issue through social media, children should not be eating the crap that is fed to them and the dinner ladies should refuse to serve it if they had any sense about them!

Your comment that “Then there will be worries about the consequences of what Martha might turn her attention to next. It will do this child no good at all for her teachers to start to worry what she may say about their teaching styles or how she might grade them.” is so ridiculous, you are clearly a very scared fuddy duddy who is afraid of change and what could happen if more wonderful people like Martha were in the world!

Children should absolutely be taught to question what is wrong with this society and feel empowered enough to make changes – average teachers should be held to account as should GP’s who don’t care about patients and city council who are not doing what the people want.

Viva la Revolution Martha

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