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Today the Daily Record had the cheek to …

Comment posted on Council issues prompt response on Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds clampdown by Robert Allan

Today the Daily Record had the cheek to say the headline in the Saturday Edition was “lighthearted” calling for the Dinner Ladies to be sacked. Typical of a paper that associates itself with the Labour party and the lack of real concern they have for the working people of this country. Alastair Campbell stated a recent birthday honours list award, should not have been accepted. He should try telling those in his own party who have fallen over backwards to accept peerages in the House of Lords where they can attend and collect the stipend without even having to remain in the chamber. Good socialists like Lord McConnell, Lord Reid, Lord Robertson, Lord Foulkes and Lord Prescott not to mention a few.
Keep up the good Work Roddy McCuish at least you are honest in your endeavour to protect both the ladies working in the school as well as the nine year old girl who was trying to do what was best.

Robert Allan also commented

  • Mr Fraser as George Bernard Shaw said, “Those who can do. Those who cannot teach”. Just about sums you up.
    Your bitter and twisted, biased point of view does not do justice to the tremendous amount of good this incident has accomplished. Pupils, parents and teachers talking about nutrition, and diet, not to mention the unfortunate children of Malawi who will benefit from the funds raised.
    Eat your heart out Mr. Fraser.
  • I thought Councillor McCuish was refreshing honest about the situation and only 3 weeks into the job, has handled it as well as could be expected. As usual the experts with an axe to grind should have stood as candidates in the election if they are as clever and perceptive as they try to appear.

Recent comments by Robert Allan

  • Martha Payne and NeverSeconds hit fund raising target: new kitchen for Mary’s Meals
    Argyll is not large in population, and is unable to help the world. Possibly though, we could “adopt” through Mary’s meals this little part of Malawi and have some sort of relation between them and our schools here, not just from a fundraising point of view, but also across the broad spectrum of child care and education. It would teach us all if we could “adopt” somewhere where we can really make a difference.
  • Martha Payne and NeverSeconds hit fund raising target: new kitchen for Mary’s Meals
    It has been worth all the embarrassment and ramifications to get the result for Mary’s Meals that Martha has achieved. If it helps to get a coherent and functional communication department at Kilmory and further steps in the direction of an open and honest council then it is a double positive.
  • It’s goodbye from Martha as Council switches off her dinnercam
    Roddy McCuish has acted in the best way possible, giving some credibility to Argyll and Bute. Mr Sneddon as I stated previously should consider his position. It is obvious from the papers this morning and some of the comments in the blogs that people are only reading a little of the subject and are failing to take on board the content of Martha’s blog and the comments made by other parties in this debacle. I hope Cllr. McCuish will find out who and what was behind these moves and rectify the situation on Monday Morning. As far as the papers are concerned they still have a vitriol aimed either at the Council in general or the Councillors. The people of Argyll who know fact from fiction should excercise great care in which titles they select when they purchase their newspapers this morning tomorrow and Monday. The BBC should also excercise a greater degree of investigation prior to adding to the unbalanced debate that has been evident in recent days
  • Martha Payne and NeverSeconds hit fund raising target: new kitchen for Mary’s Meals
    Daily Record, bastion and loyal supporter of the Labour Party, attacked ordinary working people, the dinner ladies, not the Education supremo or the even the elected officials, but the working folks. Says it all. We should boycott the paper until they follow the sanctions as stipulated by Dot Macdonald
  • Martha Payne and NeverSeconds hit fund raising target: new kitchen for Mary’s Meals
    First class leadership by Roddy McCuish now what we need is to see some positive press with a photo of the council leader, Martha and the folks from Mary’s meals together with the dinner ladies on the front page of the Record.

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