Very interesting & certainly well worth a look. …

Comment posted A genius event to market Argyll and the Isles in the winter season by keith stanger.

Very interesting & certainly well worth a look. I must put the date on the calendar. Er, what is the date? Mid-September – do we assume that it’s the 15th/16th?

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  • Thanks for filling in the gaps & the link.

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  • Race is on for Cape Campbeltown: Russell tables parliamentary motion backing UK Spaceport for Machrihanish
    Warmer air is less dense, doesn’t create as much lift so greater speed and longer takeoff run required. Airfields at significant altitude are affected in the same way. Hot and high = worst case.
  • Audit Scotland now conducting third consecutive investigation of Argyll & Bute Council
    Malcolm – I would agree that the police would not be interested in the matter. If your complaint has been mishandled by the Council then it would be dealt with by the Ombudsman but yet you decided that would be “yet another waste of your time”. Why? Surely you would be more likely to achieve something than spending time preparing videos that few people will watch. Was there a reason that you didn’t pursue your complaint via the Ombudsman?
  • Audit Scotland now conducting third consecutive investigation of Argyll & Bute Council
    You’re right. Have a look at . The bit that jumps out is “We must save between £27.5 and £37.5 million over five years, starting in 2016/17. For more information please see budgetary outlook report.” That’s an awful lot of money to save & if anyone thinks services have been pared to the bone now then they haven’t seen anything yet. What’s the betting that Dick Walsh and his cronies jump ship at the next election in 2017 & leave someone else to take the flak? He’s known this has been coming since before the 2012 elections & the delay in introducing the cuts is just another cynical ploy to direct the blame elsewhere.
  • Ministerial commitment on local engagement in pre-tendering discussions NOT to be honoured in CHFS ferry contract
    I’m not sure whether your comment was designed to lure in a pedantic @rse like me but in the context I couldn’t resist! It’s “Your sub-editor” not “You’re sub-editor”. Sorry. ☺
  • Andrew Argyle: Scottish energy policy – humbug galore
    I think your description of the development of energy policy is spot on. Unless there is replacement capacity in place in the next few years when coal and nuclear go offline then the lights will go out. Unfortunately the likelihood of renewables being in a position to replace that capacity is zero. If it was possible it would have happened already, especially with all the financial incentives in place. Fossil fuels will still be required until the green utopia comes to fruition and we’re still in Inventor’s Club there.
    It’s a pity that you fell into the usual trap in describing the extraction of ground gas as “fracking” as that is the term generally used by nimbys and opponents for all unconventional methane extraction. It’s a term designed and used to instil fear and fingers are always pointed at the USA where it has been allowed to develop without effective regulation. That would not be allowed to happen here as we have strong regulations with the potential for tailoring them to suit the new techniques. That’s what happens – it’s called progress – assuming the politicians are up to it.
    There is a lot of the gas resource in Scotland and elsewhere which is not shale gas but coalbed methane and which does not require fracking to extract it. Drilling,yes. Fracking, no.
    I’m sure one of our regular correspondents is going to tell us that the above is all wrong and how renewables are going to stop the lights going out in five years time when the wind isn’t blowing. It’s not happening.

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13 Responses to Very interesting & certainly well worth a look. …

  1. How ironic that this wonderful marketing initiative should be displayed next to the report indicating that the main artery from Glasgow and the west to Inveraray is once again closed. When is the Scottish Government/Transport Scotland going to take decisive action to provide a long term solution to this problem?

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  2. Is it not a bit pessimistic to describe mid September as “winter”?

    I smiled when I read that A&B was arguably the best place for families immediately followed by mention of a whisky event. I suppose it depends on how old your children are.

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    • There is to be Bungee Trampolines, Climbing Walls, Paintball Range, Pony Rides, Tea Cups, Bouncy Castle, Chainsaw Carving, Wild Birds, Face Painters, Sand Pits and a large Children Tent sponsored by Inveraray Jail and Argyll Adventure and much much more for children as well as the responsible drinking for adults. Last years event saw Music, Food, Drink and Activities all merge wonderfully, everyone including the children had a ball and this year promises even more. The weather last year was pretty good as I recall and the location is outstanding in front of the castle. Longer hours and the big name music acts add to what is already a well loved event in Argyll and one our visitors will be truly entertained at. It is a must for the diary and great event to highlight the start of the winter Visit Scotland marketing drive.

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  3. Very interesting & certainly well worth a look. I must put the date on the calendar. Er, what is the date? Mid-September – do we assume that it’s the 15th/16th?

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    • Keith – we weren’t given a date or a website – so assumed the date was not yet entirely final and that the website was not yet ready.

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  4. Best wishes to the event .
    Regarding Food from Argyll , there appeared to be a complete absence of Argyll businesses at the Royal Highland Show food hall this week , in contrast to the excellent stalls and displays from other areas .

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  5. Food from Argyll is about feeding the masses at events, rather than marketing Argyll produce to the consumer. It must make a good living for the few involved, hard work tho it is, but that is not really changing the public perspective nor availability of what we produce in Argyll.
    What a shame some of our great companies were not able to be at the RHS.
    Maybe it is time to have a combined marketing initiative for more than the great burgers and sticky toffee puddings of FfA. That way the smaller companies can afford to go, and the public can learn more of the fabulous food of the county.

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    • They do get media coverage and word-of-mouth broadcasting for the food of the entire area in their visits to the music festivals.
      But you have a sound point in the imperative for collective action.
      Part of the problem is the usual parochial factionalism of separate groups refusing to merge and collaborate. Food From Argyll is a good brand, big enough territorially to make an impact to everyone’s benefit but not too big to start to get bland.
      The uber brand is Scotland Food and Drink – which pays gallingly little attention to Argyll. This is largely because there is not a single body speaking and acting for the food producers of the entire area.
      The growing success of Argyll and the Isles Tourism, as an umbrella marketing body with universal buy-in from the various local marketing groups, should have shown the way forward to our food producers.

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      • News room

        The food hall ths year was packed out, Most of what was on display was from private companies from Scotland, not all big companies but a good range from small to very big. To be honest what we had was a very Scottish food fair and a very good one at that. Im not sure if a Argyll food theme would work or not as a lot of what we have in Argyll is duplicated else where in Scotland? The food show was just that, a very good show of Scottish produce from mostly anywhere in Scotland and presented very very well.

        Maybe the same thing might just work very well in the Queens Hall during Cowal Games for Argyll and the Isles foodies?

        BTW thats five years in a row that we have bought the very best of Curry sauce from that very food show, and that just about answers the question in that I can get everything else that was on show on my door step because I live in Argyll. mmmmmm

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      • “gallingly little attention” isn’t exactly accurate newsroom and I’m confident that your opinion isn’t drawn from informed conversation with members of SFD from within Argyll. SFD had myself based in Oban and supporting many of the clients that you regularly feature in good news stories such as that of MacMillan Foods. Many have also been Excellence award winners and some gained extra supermarket listings via SFD activity. Over and above this, many Argyll companies will have contributed to F&D exports & growth stats during a deep recession which helped prop up Scottish economy. Finally, Our past chief exec also visited the first “Stronger Together” summit and sought further engagement with companies.
        Unfortunately, SFD priorities are with companies that can grow in UK and export markets, including the much maligned multiple retailers. When doing so, the “readiness” has to be established as there are factors to consider and lots of work for many of the primary producers and micro biz’s before they can benefit from SFD activity.
        SFD is be held up as an exemplar of how to cooperate as a sector. Just look at the recently launched Scottish Tourism Alliance strategy document and you’ll notice how they have used it as a model of best practice. In a similar comparison, your positive view of Argyll & Isles Tourism has also benefited from adopting such a model.
        With the exception of large international brands (salmon, whisky) Argyll doesn’t have a huge number of tier 2 businesses. We do have a series of very exciting businesses in the meat, bakery, beer and seafood categories but all will require time & support to achieve the growth and market penetration. All whilst, they still have to overcome major challenges that hinder their ability to remain competitive such as connectivity (transport, ferries charges), skills shortages and profitability so they can invest for the future.

        so…….SFD is only been in existence for 4-5 years, so give them a chance and get behind them and seek their involvement. Argyll & Isles Tourism and Food from Argyll aren’t the magic bullets in isolation but events such as this where all the positive businesses come together will certainly help the region get noticed. Working in partnership and aligning with strategic bodies will help accelerate growth aspirations if all “buy-in” with cash and energy and pull in the same direction

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