Did the Princess Royal remember to curtsey? …

Comment posted Helensburgh candidates putting the rules back by Robert Wakeham.

Did the Princess Royal remember to curtsey?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • I wonder what has happened to ‘good old Kintyre 1′?
  • ‘Illegal’ – needing planning permission? libellous? packed with porkies? – we need enlightenment.

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • Alexander on right infrastructural development strategy with City Deal initiatives
    Nit-picking, I know, but a couple of points:
    The A90 to Aberdeen was far from being the best road in Scotland, last time I used it – it might be a dual carriageway, but it suffers from dangerous, and grubby, laybys with no separation from the road (compare with the single carriageway A82 along Loch Lomondside), it suffers from dangerous minor road junctions on the level, with agricultural vehicles crossing the central reservation – as well as hosting a considerable number of pinstripe suited gents driving large and very fast cars well above the national speed limit. And if Inverness is ‘Tesco Town’, perhaps Dundee should be re-named ‘Roundabout Town’
    And, further north, it surely takes the same time to drive to Wick as to Thurso.
  • 8,747 sign petition for acceptance of SCCDC’s Castle Toward offer – as move to call special meeting of council accelerates
    So the ferries would run themselves?
  • Astonishing infrastructural deficiency threatens Oban’s business development
    So you’re one of the ‘can’t be done’ brigade – why not, for goodness sake?
  • Astonishing infrastructural deficiency threatens Oban’s business development
    ‘…no new connections have been allowed for years’ – the ‘can’t be done’ school of thought, so easily criticised from the other side of the pond as a British disease, we need this sort of restriction like a hole in the head..
    This is surely a festering scandal, with Campbeltown, Oban and Dunoon contending with varying degrees of geographical disadvantage in the search for healthy local economies.
    It’s a privatised utility, but for all I know it was the same story before privatisation – and do our governments really have no say when this utility is being managed against the public interest?
    Today the energy utilities are reporting huge rises in their profits, so maybe we need a touch of Greek-style re-nationalisation of energy distribution businesses?
  • Astonishing infrastructural deficiency threatens Oban’s business development
    A touch smug, Mr Stanger – there was a hotel on the site before.
    I don’t know whether you live in Oban, but I always wonder at the extraordinary infrastructural deficit in the Oban road network, with just about all traffic between the north and Oban / southern Argyll being funnelled through the ‘bealach’, no sign of a link road around the inland side of the town and the only thing resembling a bypass being the low-speed single track road of extremely limited capacity (and even less passing places) between Connel and Kilmore.
    Add to this the really remarkable lack of proper pavements on some of the busiest streets, and the quite incomprehensible failure to create a link road from the Glenshellach area through the back of Lochavullin to the Albany Street / Shore Street junction, and you’ve got a picture of catastrophic complacency. Or is it smugness?

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23 Responses to Did the Princess Royal remember to curtsey? …

  1. Don;t know. Probably no more than exhausted campaigners throwing everything at it in the last day, with helpers who stick things up all over the place.

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  2. Is it fair to publish something that is only heresay about two candidates, whoever they are? If you don’t have a clue what has happened why bother saying anything – unless, of course, you have a personal bias.

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  3. See what happened there Lowry??

    Newsie comes on with a non-story – non attributed, no quotes and no evidence. You ask a more than reasonable question and the next two posters – Crazy and Stepehen ignore your poiint and comment on the Newsie’s non-story.

    Gawd help us all if these half-wit zealots get in…

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    • Unionist posters?
      What are those?
      And does your correspondent, echoes of good old kintyre1, have any substantive evidence to support his implied charge?

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    • It happens in the Dunoon and Cowal area also.

      We know who does it but they come out with excuses like “do you have substantive evidence to support this implied charge” or “it wisnae me, a big boy done it and ran away”

      But guess what? Their posters stay up!!!!

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    • No, Simon
      That’s what Lowry meant.
      Pay attention, please.

      On second thoughts, the “Burn them!” should be deleted for Health and Safety reasons

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  4. Pending the announcement of what constitutes an illegal election poster, a light-hearted post was responded to with a light hearted comment.

    In future such comments will be marked JOKE, to help those with a irony deficiency.

    Serious comments will be marked SERIOUS, to help those with a reality deficiency.

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  5. Vivien Dance smiling benignly at the Princess Royal as both stood on the Victoria Hall steps, as seen on the front page of the Helensburgh Advertiser, when Mrs Dance had been explicitly banned from the property because of the election ‘purdah’ – how does that shape up with the rules?

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  6. Stpehen – but if you mark them JOKE – then they are supposed to be funny!!!

    The ‘light-hearted post’ and ‘light hearted comment’ were about as funny as week in jail.

    Have a good day :)

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  7. Yes, Simon appears to have fallen into my troll-pit. Can I refer him to the sage advice of that great actor, Whil Wheaton?

    FWIW, outside my polling station in Helensburgh today posters for Dance, Mulvaney and Robb, but not anyone else. Also bonus sighting of Mulvaney wandering down the street, looking a little lost.


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