Did the Princess Royal remember to curtsey? …

Comment posted Helensburgh candidates putting the rules back by Robert Wakeham.

Did the Princess Royal remember to curtsey?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • I wonder what has happened to ‘good old Kintyre 1′?
  • ‘Illegal’ – needing planning permission? libellous? packed with porkies? – we need enlightenment.

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • Emergency closure of A83 at Strone Point this afternoon
    Two ‘thumbsdown’ already – it’s not just the trunk road engineers in denial!
  • Isle of Luing gets consent for Spanish slate to roof its Atlantic Islands Centre
    I wonder what the estimated difference in cost was?
  • Emergency closure of A83 at Strone Point this afternoon
    AA – the stretch of the A83 between Tarbet and Arrochar has been flagged for overnight closures from the beginning of this week, continuing (I think) into next week, with hourly convoy ‘amnesties’ – and there should be a message on the electronic signs on the A82.
    It’s nothing whatsoever to do with the council – it’s one of Holyrood’s trunk roads, and management is delegated to a contractor – BEAR.
    But you’re right in questioning why this stretch is needing resurfaced, and it’s worse than you think – when it was done a few years ago, the opportunity was taken to deep excavate and replace the sub-base on the stretch by the railway station – but without addressing the main problem here, which is that this section is narrower than the rest, and can easily catch out coach & HGV drivers who aren’t familiar with the notion that substandard stretches of a trunk road can be left without the customary ‘road narrows’ warning signs (same problem as on the stretch by the filling station at the other side of Arrochar).
    Successive government road engineers have been in denial about this ever since the A83 from Tarbet to Inveraray was supposedly rebuilt to an 18ft (5.5m) standard width many years ago – and even the historic bridge at Inveraray only got traffic lights after two HGVs operated by a local company collided there.
  • Summer 2014 realised fears about coastguard numbers in new service
    Herakles has been busy recently, and not just with the coal carrier it towed into Scapa Flow – it had previously headed south to the aid of the nuclear waste carrier drifting without power near the Beatrice platform, and more recently (on the very day that the tail end of Gonzalo blew through) heading north to the aid of the steel pipe carrier drifting without power near Fair Isle.
    In both these cases other tugs took the ships in tow, to Invergordon and Lerwick, but there’s surely not much doubt that keeping a rescue tug at Kirkwall was eminently sensible.
  • Will Luing’s Atlantic Islands Centre get consent for Spanish or Slate Isles roofing slate?
    Absolutely right – and it doesn’t matter how much people manage to kid themselves that slate from somewhere else ‘will do’ – it won’t.
    It would be like a miniature Swiss penknife that I once bought as a souvenir in a cafe at the top of a Swiss mountain – on closer examination it turned out to have been made in Taiwan.

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23 Responses to Did the Princess Royal remember to curtsey? …

  1. Don;t know. Probably no more than exhausted campaigners throwing everything at it in the last day, with helpers who stick things up all over the place.

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  2. Is it fair to publish something that is only heresay about two candidates, whoever they are? If you don’t have a clue what has happened why bother saying anything – unless, of course, you have a personal bias.

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  3. See what happened there Lowry??

    Newsie comes on with a non-story – non attributed, no quotes and no evidence. You ask a more than reasonable question and the next two posters – Crazy and Stepehen ignore your poiint and comment on the Newsie’s non-story.

    Gawd help us all if these half-wit zealots get in…

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    • Unionist posters?
      What are those?
      And does your correspondent, echoes of good old kintyre1, have any substantive evidence to support his implied charge?

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    • It happens in the Dunoon and Cowal area also.

      We know who does it but they come out with excuses like “do you have substantive evidence to support this implied charge” or “it wisnae me, a big boy done it and ran away”

      But guess what? Their posters stay up!!!!

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    • No, Simon
      That’s what Lowry meant.
      Pay attention, please.

      On second thoughts, the “Burn them!” should be deleted for Health and Safety reasons

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  4. Pending the announcement of what constitutes an illegal election poster, a light-hearted post was responded to with a light hearted comment.

    In future such comments will be marked JOKE, to help those with a irony deficiency.

    Serious comments will be marked SERIOUS, to help those with a reality deficiency.

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  5. Vivien Dance smiling benignly at the Princess Royal as both stood on the Victoria Hall steps, as seen on the front page of the Helensburgh Advertiser, when Mrs Dance had been explicitly banned from the property because of the election ‘purdah’ – how does that shape up with the rules?

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  6. Stpehen – but if you mark them JOKE – then they are supposed to be funny!!!

    The ‘light-hearted post’ and ‘light hearted comment’ were about as funny as week in jail.

    Have a good day :)

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  7. Yes, Simon appears to have fallen into my troll-pit. Can I refer him to the sage advice of that great actor, Whil Wheaton?

    FWIW, outside my polling station in Helensburgh today posters for Dance, Mulvaney and Robb, but not anyone else. Also bonus sighting of Mulvaney wandering down the street, looking a little lost.


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