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Comment posted on Argyll First endorse Michael Breslin in Dunoon vote by Robert Allan

this is a unique opportunity to get a new style council for argyll and people should avoid narrow minded parochial attitudes and let the new administration form prior to making any judgements. these quite rightly were made on Thursday 3 May and the electorate indicated that change is both necessary and desirable.

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  • McCuish announces details of ‘team fit to build recovery in Argyll and Bute’
    what a vindictive and narrow minded attitude. You may not agree with an individuals politics but you should at least respect their right to have another perspective than yours. At least Argyll First have the temerity to put aside any doctrinal differences for the benefit of the local community with a wish to at least improve and open up the Argyll and Bute Council functions that require serious attention. They also put their names to their comments and actions as do I. ITS A PITY YOU ARE NOT BRAVE ENOUGH to do similar. What have you got to hide?
  • Lochgilphead primary pupil’s internet exposure of poor school meals goes viral
    Looks like a very pertinent item for our new council to get its teeth into. I am aware of other Argyll schools where the food is apparently very good. Perhaps our new councillors will not have to look outside the county for best practise.
  • Misleading journalism from Dunoon Observer
    This is the reason we need open and inclusive council action so that individuals are unable to claim credit for any item they are not solely responsible for, or try to shift fault or blame away from misleading or poor judgement decisions. Mr Walsh your sell by date has been reached, lets hope the electors tomorrow agree
  • Misleading journalism from Dunoon Observer
    The comments here show that there is no excuse for Mr. Walsh and his administration not being up to speed as far as the school refurbishment is concerned. If you also bring in the 4.5 million pound surplus at the end of the last financial year achieved by A&B Council, despite not closing the schools that were listed, in order to save 2.2 million pounds, it just reinforces the extremely poor grasp of financial reality Mr Walsh and his associates possess. As usual the ratepayers, families and children of Argyll and Bute are the victims
  • Council Leader, Councillors, CEO, Senior Officers: working relationships
    Please allow this new coalition and its leader Roddy Mccuish the time they need to put their team together before we try to pre-empt any actions on their part. It is positive just to see a new approach to running our council. The new Committee chair persons and local area representation have a lot to deliver and if they prove to be as honest and efficient as most of us hope, then will be the time for the Dinosaurs and miscreants of the past to consider their positions.

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