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Have you? Mike was a member of the …

Comment posted Dunoon Ward count and RESULT by Gus Mackay.

Have you? Mike was a member of the Labour Party some time ago.
Hopefully he will have retained the values he supported then and will become a successful councillor for the Dunoon ward.
I would be very disappointed if Mike was to fall into the normal negative outlook of other snp contributors to this blog.

Gus Mackay also commented

  • Still no answer to the question from DH re his election results?

    The usual repetitive stuff from the others. Zzzzzzzzzz!

  • If so we have a long way to go to catch up with the nats!
  • Told you Simon! He’s a veteran of council elections. Though I’m not sure confessions of Hamilton TC are of relevance to standing in Argyll and Bute.
    “That was the year the Labour Party asked me to stand for them” ,evidence??????
    He still has not provided answers to the question of his attempts to be elected in Argyll and Bute(other than to say he was a paper candidate in ward 7)
    The rest of his post is as usual what he would call positive, and I would call mince!
  • Simon – Have you noticed DH is reluctant to tell you about his time as a candidate in the council elections ?

    He seems to be trying to change the subject to something he has no evidence for!

  • If you cannot answer why repost the same old crap

    If you cannot answer why repost the same old crap?

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