For Simon, there is no change in the …

Comment posted The shape of the new council by Councillor George Freeman.

For Simon, there is no change in the allowances. Just the same as the ConDemAll administrtaion. The legislation restricts the number and total amount.

Recent comments by Councillor George Freeman

  • An unexpected pairing to email in Day 8′s Save Castle Toward Advent Calendar
    Newsroom, not that I am aware of.
  • An unexpected pairing to email in Day 8′s Save Castle Toward Advent Calendar
    Unfortunately South Cowal Community Development Company have the information on their campaigning Advent Calendar wrong. I am not a member of the Council’s Policy & Resources Committee so will have no say in the decision relating to Castle Toward. I can also confirm that Councillor McQueen is not a member of that committee so like me, he has no say in the decision relating to the Castle Toward decision.

    Unfortunately this means that those taking the time and effort to contact me or any other Councillor who is not a member of the Policy & Resouces Committee are wasting their time. The SCCDC should have checked that they had their facts correct before publishing this calender as they are providing misleading information to the public. If any member of the public wishes to confirm those councillors who are memers of the Policy & Resources Committee, that information is available on the Council website.

  • Castle Toward: Councillor Breslin asks straight questions of Council Leader Walsh
    I am a bit confused (some may say that is not difficult) as the start of the report above states that: “Following a meeting of the South Cowal Community Development Company last night” yet the comments from Cllr Breslin refer to a meeting of the Community Council. can someone please clarify who held the meeting please?
  • Cut to the chase on Castle Toward: blatant case for intervention under land reform
    Mike, it certainly is not a paper transaction. It is hard cash. The District Valuer has placed a value on Castle Toward that the purchaser would be expected to pay to the Council.

    The proposed purchaser has asked the Council to knock £1 million of the valuation which would mean that the Council would receive £1 million less. There are no repayments involved in any of this. We are talking about one big hard cash payment to the Council from the proposed purchaser. I hope that this is clear.

  • Cut to the chase on Castle Toward: blatant case for intervention under land reform
    Hi Integrity, the information I have on appeals states that: Should you (or the CB) be unhappy with the valuation, an appeals procedure is available (section 62 of the Act). An appeal against the valuation should be made to the Lands Tribunal for Scotland within 21 days from when the valuer intimates the valuation (section 62(2) of the Act).

    The appeal hearing should begin not later than 4 months from the first sitting day after the
    appeal is lodged (section 62(5) of the Act). The Lands Tribunal for Scotland (LTS) has 4 weeks from the conclusion of the appeal hearing to intimate its decision (section 62(7) of the Act).

    The Lands Tribunal for Scotland may reassess the valuation and substitute its own for that of the appointed valuer. The valuation determined by the LTS is the price the CB will pay to purchase the land unless a different price is agreed by yourself and the CB.

    If a valuer attends the appeal hearing on behalf of Ministers, the Scottish Government will meet the costs. You should be aware that the Ministers are not a competent party to any appeal as they only appoint the valuer
    (section 62(9) of the Act). If you call the valuer to appear as a witness on your behalf, any costs will not be met by the Scottish Government.

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24 Responses to For Simon, there is no change in the …

  1. First class selection and the point that Ann Horn should have a depute is a sensible suggestion. Her work load will be considerable, and she is the person to bring much needed effective change to this aspect of council activity.
    The balance appears to be just right and should ensure the new council administration goes from strength to strength.
    We need to give Roddy McCuish and the rest of this new administration the time to get the council moving forward. A realistic observation must be maintained, not just reaction to the problems of the past. We all hope we can see quick effective action as soon as possible but this must be tempered with time to create the new atmosphere that is required within the council.

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    According to report Walsh’s comment of “embarrassing” hit home as McCuish was unprepared and out of his depth at his first meeting. Seems he had to be rescued by officers all the time as he had no understanding of his brief. 6 months now probably too optimistic. The turn-coat Tory picks up his additional twenty pices of silver.

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    • The only person who should be “embarrassed” is Mr Walsh. Previously leading this council area to the brink of destruction.

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    • Arnie is that not virtually the same comment you made on the other thread?

      Robert is right – grapes, not pears. Big soor ones.

      Your comments don’t seem to be making any particular argument, but are just bitter personal digs. How personal are we getting here? To feel so vehemently, it would suggest you are incredibly close to the situation… perhaps that of the now ousted administration… perhaps even its leader… perhaps finding a little more time on his hands now… and realising he has finally lost… and that his salary is going to drop SIGNIFICANTLY.

      Just a theory ;)

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  3. No idea what the ‘embarassing’ story is but would be willing to wager it is being blown out of all proportion by some bad losers.

    If you want to talk about petty embarassing moments in the chambers lets recall Cllr Marshall strolling in late to the Council meeting where Sandy Longmuir tore the council figures apart then challenged Sandy about his credentials. Safe to say we chuckled form the viewing gallery when Sandy obliged him.

    I am optimistic that this new administration will be welcoming to external challenge and be more than prepared to amend council papers where errors are highlighted. Something the previous administration, and the current CMT, were never prepared to do. To err is human, what defines a person is how they manage the error.

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  4. Well done ForArgyll for such thorough and quick reporting. All eyes will be on this new administration and it looks good to me with good ‘attitude’.

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    • It’s a sure bet that all councillors in all councils need all the luck that they can get, when you look at the increasing social and economic challenges facing them.

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  5. Good luck to the new council.

    Now, can someone – anyone – tell me how many people under this regime are getting additional repsonsibility payments compared to the previous administration?

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  6. Thanks Cllr Freeman – I appreciate that. One of the ‘like’ ticks is from me. :)

    So, I guess the fact that the new admisitration has exactly the same number and total amount (of allowances)as the previous admistration really just exposes, yet again, Newsie’s biased blog.

    If she keeps inventing rubbish stories like this (you must remember the never-ending ‘rag-bag alliance’, ’30 pieces of silver’ and ‘noses in the trough’ crap) she’ll get her press accreditation in no time….

    Have a nice night and sleep safe in knowledge that you have a new Council. :)

    ps You’ll be pleased to learn that the Samaritans have been stood down.

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    • Simon – distributing responsibility payments as a form of patronage to councillors who are then expected to toe the line and flip-flop on demand is rather different to allocating responsibility payments to those who are expected to successfully rise to the challenge of their extra responsibility – and I very much hope that time proves we’re in the latter scenario now.

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  7. Well Robert, we’ll see what we’ll see. ;)

    Remember you have those two serial flippers Mary-Jean and Robb on board. And of course the whole snp group who were in the admistration with Tricky and Co.(before mike russell told them to get out…)

    From the look of things all those who jumped into the SNP-led rag-bag alliance have been rewarded with special repsonsibility posts. I’ll say one thing for them – they’ve got their noses in the trough early this time… ;)

    Have a nice evening. :)

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    • Simon – just as bitter as usual. At least this group of councillors are expected to bring change and hopefully improvements to the folks of Argyll and Bute. We can only judge by performance. The outgoing regime despite the same allowances and payments did little or nothing for this area, actually took retrogressive actions and wasted monies for little or no apparent reason. I am sure if you gave up the amount of time that this new administration will need to and did some of the traveling that they do, you would expect nae demand recompense. Irrespective of political background or persuasion councillors should be given stipends and allowances, we as an electorate just need to be more selective as to whom we select to represent us. If you dislike Mary Jean Devon and James Robb as much as you seem to why did you not stand for election give us your background and let us vilify you?

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  8. Simon seems to have forgotten that many members of the previous administration did a complete somersault on their previously stated and widely supported position in order to grab the extra shekels. Many voters did not forget however, and the only surprise is that several of these unreliable specimens managed to get re-elected.

    On the other hand several of this new progressive administration gave up substantial extra payments and high positions on the last ruling administration on a matter of principle.

    Extra allowances for extra resposnibility is hardly a surprising component of councillors remuneration.

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  9. Actually, I am all in favour in paying councillors a decent allowance and extra for additional resposibilities.

    What I was doing of course was comparing and contrasting newsie’s treatment of councillors’ allowances in the previous adminstration with this new one.

    I recognise that there is a financial cost to democracy – regardless of who is in power. And unlike newsie (and some of the more vociferous on here) I don’t choose to rail against councillor’s allowances if the elected administration is not my first choice.

    Have a nice day. :)

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    • Sorry Simon, we have consistently said that councillors must be paid a decent rate for the job we expect them to do. £16k a year is derisory. And we said that when the previous administration was in operation.
      All we are interested in in competence and integrity in all quarters.
      While one would hope to see integrity whether or not people were paid at all, no one is entitled to expect or demand high levels of competence and dedication on low pay.

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  10. Simon Councillors are now paid wage.
    This has been the case since the 2007 election.
    ABC has a Leaders fixed wage(£31/32k) based on the size of the Council and the total budget.
    There are 9 Senior Councillors(£24/25k) usually including Senior Opposition leaders based on the results of the Councillor groupings.
    The remaining 16 Councillors are paid a set wage(£16/17k)
    Additional expenses are reimbursed to all Councillors.
    Councillors in each Ward should meet with officers to agree how they will represent the people in each Ward.
    This information and agreement to be communicated to the people.

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