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Congrats to the new council and I wish …

Comment posted The shape of the new council by Simon.

Congrats to the new council and I wish them good luck – becvuas ethey might jus tneed it.

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  • Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options
    Another day – another rumour.
    So, what’s today’s scuttlebuttfest then newsie??
    Mary Jean leaves the SNP (again..) Jim Robb is for turning? Tricky has been asked by McCuish to join his rag-bag nose-in-trough alliance?

    And btw newsie – unless the rag-bag alliance (snp, some independents, a turncoat tory (who will be voting in opposition ot this Tory colleagues) and some indepepdnents) have actually foregone their additional responisbility allownaces – just when are we going to get your usual ‘noses-in trough’ and ‘bought for 30 pieces of silver’ article?? That together with ‘just how much extra it’s going to cost the council tax payer for the rag-bag alliance to invent new spokersperson posts because there weren’t enough to go around’?

    Or do you only do those articles when it suits you politically??

    Have a nice day 🙂

    Ps “doc” that wasn’t ‘schadenfreude’ that was just me laughing at you and the usuals suspects’ acute discomfiture at the very thought that mibbie wee Tricky had actually swung it…. 🙂
    pps Still might.. 😉 ???

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