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Newsie “If it wasn’t a serious point but …

Comment posted Council Elections: The count by Simon.

Newsie “If it wasn’t a serious point but merely another squib through our letter box, then there is no use trying to engage. Email your address and we’ll send you a box of Bengal matches to play with” …. are you on the drink?

ps you have my email address already 😉

Simon also commented

  • Crazy – “Surfing Simon” – love it 🙂
  • Well, actually I am going to Tiree this week…

    But since Tricky has an election on – don’t think he’ll be there…

    But if you want advice on who to vote for – Vote snp. The SNP those wonderful SNP people what gave you the Ali Cat…

  • Crazy thanks for agreeing 😉
    I knew I’d win you round…. 🙂
  • Newsie “urban-based councillors ” see there you go blaming someone else.

    Duh!!! They were voted in!! The electorate wanted them – more than you didn’t want them… 🙂

    Mibbie just for a nanosecond you might consider that these politicos were not so much ‘anti rural schools’ but perhaps moreof a ‘we have a shed load of priorities we have to consider’ – we have to meet the cuts imposed by the national SNP govt – and we shall consider these cuts in the round”.
    IE we will not automatically give primacy to rural schools over, old folks homes, roads, sport facilities, care for the elederly, voluntary organisations, housing, etc, etc.

    ps how did ‘I’ll give them a veto’ Ambitious Anne get on???

  • Floribunda – Helensburgh probably voted in Ellen Morton a) because despite the keech you read about her on here – she is an able politcian and b)because the people of Helensburgh don’t consider rural schools to be the ‘big agenda item’ that others think it is. :)(

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