One question: who will be the representatives for …

Comment posted on Council Elections: The count by Karl Hughes

One question: who will be the representatives for Tiree ?
Kind of difficult to keep up with everything when your 1000\s km away

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  • Anas Sarwar: on the indyref bus with Labour on the move
    There is very little difference between any form of extremism and Facism…

    The Kurds will get their nation…they have heaps of Oil…more on the way.

    Iraq can’t manage them, Syria has basically said …yes go ahead…the Tiurks will allow a pipeline and charge them to export…whatsmore is they are opening their arm’s to displaced persons..whatever their cultural background.

    By all accounts Kurdistan is quite a different place, the people are organized and determined…well armed…the terrain is mountainous…vegetated ( green even) and has plenty of water…I sincerely wish them well.
    Anyhow…I need to switch off and watch something a bit happier before I sleep…Monty Python and the Life of Brian methinks….then dream about Family and Tiree… we are blessed to live where we live…truely blessed.

  • Anas Sarwar: on the indyref bus with Labour on the move
    You right Richard…I would be interested to know who you think the major two players are…for myself, Iran aka China…Saudia aka USA…two different branches of Islam…two different empires, one on the rise one on the wane..

    Seriously in the middle east Israel/ Palestine is a bit of a side show…a catalyst but not the main event…the Shia/ Sunni war here on the brew in Iraq will be the big one.

    The lines on the map are been re-written…from my perception of things here we are firstly seeing a religious war…but on the back of this is Oil and also not so far down the road water…it would be wrong to think that oil is the driver of this discontent, its simply a means to an end.

    And lets throw one other firework into the networking, instant communication, or if you prefer, instant misinformation…the new hearts and mind tool.

    “We are heading towards the end of the holy month of Ramadan and eidh follows…the weather starts to cool in September…the proverbial will start hitting the fan in the next 6 months” basically the words of a work friend who I called in Bagdad today…an Iraqi Shia, whom I respect and call a dear friend…he also told me he plans to move his family to Basrah…there is a food shortage in Baghdad…not because of the trouble up north…but because there are around 1 million new Shia who have moved to fight if ISIS try to attack Bagdhad in force..70% of the 7.5 million population of Baghdad is Shia…and who is arming the Shia…Iran…and who is arming Sunii..Saudia in general…

    Hayder told me on the phone that Bagdhad was quiet…only a few bombs this week ( what a way to live ) Hayder also provided me with a VPN for next time the social media gets shut down…LOL…he’s a star…
    Anyhow, its all messed up…!
    Icing on the cake:

  • Anas Sarwar: on the indyref bus with Labour on the move
    Palestine is a ghetto…not unlike Wasaw in 1940 (?) unfortunatelly, poverty supresses education and free thought is lost. We an others created this problem in 47 (?) we suffered from mass guilt over the treatment of jews in the camps…sponsored and still sponsor ( US especially ) a displaced nomadic people in a land we took them back to called Israel…just happened there was already a nomadic people there…the palestinians.

    I dare say I would strike out at Israel if I was in Gaza…but I cannot put myself in that mind set…I live on another planet…and I come from a differnt culture…I was not taught from birth to hate Israel, neither were my parents or their parents… the only way to move forward is a two state solution, it has to be a two way and the end of radicalisation of children…the chances of that given the evolving stage that islam is going through in some quarters is very, slim…education takes investment…maybe if we ( the west) invested the same in Palestine as we do in Israel…peace would find a way (?)

    In regards to ISIS here in Iraq…well the extreme elements of sunni militants all went off for jihad in Syria once the US pulled out of here nearly 3 years ago…jumped on the media invented ” arab spring” and entered the urban battle fields of Syria…Assad warned of the concequences ( did he not)…anyways, We know what the outcome of a sunni uprising was in Syria…strange it does not get more than a line in a news paper nowadays, yet thousands are dead, millions displaced….ISIS and all of there spin offs are been chased out of Syria…and are now up north and N west of Iraq….killing shia, killing christians…killing moderate sunni.
    The majority of the Iraqi army ran off…why ? because they are underpaid and sunni.
    The militia ( tribes) run Bagdad and everything south…Shia, 25 million of them, they are the army in Shia Iraq…

    Going deeper the water is now finding its own level once again…Back to the days prior to Laurence of Arabia, Gertrude Bell…and Churchills WW1second choice second front ( after Gallipolli) back to the Shia/ sunni / kurd caliphate….back even beyond the Ottoman….Libya is going back to its tribal areas too… as are so many Islamic areas.

    We drew all the lines on the map way back when without thinking about the social and cultural implications…our near ancestors have a lot to answer for.

    Anyways…back to Gaza…whats going on is terrible…but its far more complex than a few missles…you can’t have a one way peace…it has to be a two way peace. I hope for change…but cannot see change…. the planet is going bonkers.

  • Darling launching pro-union Tourism Together on Loch Lomond this morning
    Well John…extremist actions based on some sort of bastardisation or weird misinterpretation of any religion does nobody any favours…QED

    World arm trade is I am affraid outside of my remit…

    As for 3 day week…LOL…doubt I will ever be around to see that….

  • Anas Sarwar: on the indyref bus with Labour on the move
    Errrr? what on earth could be construde as been a reason is beyond me…they are not even targeted at anything other than towns and kibutzz. Hamas ramped up the problem…baited the bull etc…

    If criminal acts are a reason to launch rockets at another country…then we best build shelters now.
    Just check what is happening to the scum that killed the Israeli lads…and what is happening to the scum that killed the Palestinian lad…one is based on law, the other is based on war !

    Normal humans do not launch rockets into a country because of a criminal act caused by a few criminals.
    I like everybody else feel Israels is going OTT…but when do they not ? surely by now the Islamic extremists know the reaction that will happen ? their innocents will be caught in the cross fire….do they really care ? the extremists do not care…

    Anyhow…we agree the reaction is as ever OTT…what would be an acceptable reaction ? beats me. The world is not such a nice place at the moment…and I cant see it getting any better can you ?
    Anyhow…this blog isn’t large enough to go into the history of conflict between these two peoples…the cultural differences, religious and otherwise…the socio economics caused by politicians to suppress and manipulate the masses….

    Only option is a two state option…until then ( don’t hold your breath) the death of innocents will continue…poor people.
    Hammas are the scum of the earth…like you say…they are happy to be martyrs…and happy to take innocents with them.

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126 Responses to One question: who will be the representatives for …

  1. Lowest turnout in Scotland – surprising and very disappointing.

    Let’s hope all those people who didn’t bother to vote don’t get the council they deserve.

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    • Hard to know how this will play. In a low turnout, it’s the determined who vote.

      How many of the general public are really determined to protect members of the Alliance of Independents from the just consequences of what they have done to Argyll?

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  2. Very pleased that both Semple and Kelly got in. Disappointed for Anne but I know she will be delighted that John was returned.

    A little shameful that Colville can perform a massive u-turn within a matter of half an hour on a fundamental stance on policy and still be re-elected. Judas Iscariot would have blushed.

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    • I wasn’t too disappointed and indeed I was truly delighted that John was returned. I’ve worked with many people in the SNP and reckon John is the most generous of all. South Kintyre will have the benefit of that good spirit and bright intellect for a few more years;-)

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    • Share that. Everything a decent councillor should be – and that is not disrespectful of Alistair MacDougall who has replaced him. He has yet to prove himself But Gordon Chalmers is a real loss.

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    • I’m gutted for Gordon, too. I’ve always found him very helpful and he’s done a lot in a quiet way. Alastair was a councillor previously and it’s good to have two island members again this time.

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  3. re Ward 5 – Farewell to Neil Mac then. Bit of a surprise , that. I don’t know Iain MacDonald – he must have fought a good campaign. The other two candidates , I guess , were dead certs.

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  4. One question: who will be the representatives for Tiree ?
    Kind of difficult to keep up with everything when your 1000\s km away

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    • Karl, Tiree’s covered by Ward 4 so your best bets are MJD and Alastair MacDougall from Mull. Know MJD spent quite a lot of time over on Tiree last couple of years hearing views.

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  5. I am delighted with the Oban North results, especially the fact that Melville was not elected. In my view, he should never have been selected in the first place.

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  6. Tell us about Ward 5′s Iain MacDonald, Newsroom.
    Your enthusiasm for him makes me suspect that he was flying false colours, and he’s actually a closet SNP.

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    • We know Iain Macdonald a little through his work with his Community Council.

      He is one of the most independent spirits you could find – and in anything we have seen, is utterly transparent and unlikely to be moved from what he sees as the right action.

      We don;t know him very well – but it’s one of those things we all know about – it’s impossible not to recognise ‘a right’un’ any more than it is not to know ‘a wrong ‘un’.

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    • Iain is a man of “independent mind” certainly but he is not a member of the SNP.From your earlier postings you are likely to disapprove of him.

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  7. can someone do the party maths for those of us who are not so clever?

    What is the head count per “party / group” now ?

    Who is likely to be in charge of the administration? does not seem to be enough SNP for a full change, is that right?

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    • Hard to say just now as there are a small number of candidates who it isn’t clear what side of the fence they will fall on.

      My speculation is that, at the moment we have:

      17 of what I would say are the ‘Good Guys’ (i.e. not favouring Duck Walsh’s Alliance),

      14 ‘Bad Guys’

      2 I am genuinely have no idea which way they will fall

      and we also have three seats left to be determined by the Dunoon election

      In my counts of 17 and 14 there is one in each who I have think will fall into those particular groups.

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    • We’ve now published the tally and the known non-intentions of 2 of the 5 Independent candidates, in a separate article.

      we;ll publish a situation analysis tonight.

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  8. “14.16 Ward 8 Isle of Bute: Robert Mcintyre / Isobel Strong / Len Scoullar. So Scoullar skims in at the tail end.”
    Scoullar elected at the first stage with the most first preference votes. Hardly at the tail end. More biased reporting.

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  9. So the question is liable to be – “Who will come together to form a coalition of 18+ for an administration, and on what terms?”
    Or what distribution of the money/allowances available for SRAs?

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  10. Agreed ‘theblokewiththebeard;’ more the usual amatuerish knockabout stuff from Newsie today. But then this has hardly been ‘the night of the long knives’ that some on here predicted. :)so either in a state of shock or …

    And just before they congratulate Alisatair McDougall too much I’m prety sure he was a member of Dick’s Independent group. :)

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  11. Newsy… Your comment on the Bute ward that ‘Scoullar skims in at the tail end’ is rather misleading given that Len Scoullar secured 707 votes to Robert McIntyre’s 609 in the first round with Isobel Strong just making it in ahead of Adam Bellshaw at round 6 of the count.
    SNP bias perhaps!!!

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    • we got Bute the wrong way around in batting order and have corrected it – a previous comment pointed it out.

      In our ward predictions in the small hours this morning, we said we thought Adam Bellshaw was a player – although we got the target of his impact wrong. But we did say that predictions bring a hail of bricks. We’re just constitutionally reckless.

      And your detailed count information on the Bute result is one we will take into account in the analysis to follow tonight.

      Many thanks.

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      • I think its the language used gives a lot away’newsroom’. You are more effectiove when remaining impartial.

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  12. I have just seen the figures for the Lomond North ward and it is abundantly clear that the school closure issue was a massive issue in the mind of the voters.

    George Freeman, who supported our schools from start to finish, who was third in 2007 has jumped to first with a 38% increase in the number of first preferences he got.

    Danny Kelly who blindly voted for closure despite pledging himself to supporting them (he always claimed to have a wise strategy which nobody ever actually agreed with) saw his vote collapse by a remarkable 68% going from 2nd in 2007 (only marginally behind Billy Petrie) to 2nd last out of seven (this despite 4 candidates standing for the first time in Lomond North).

    My personal thanks to the people of Lomond North for showing their support for the candidate who publicly backed us and stuck to his word.

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  13. HOW can Helensburgh vote back in Ellen Morton – she was one of the main instigators with regards to the school closures. Can someone explain to me in simple terms what the result so far means for Argyll & Bute Council – does Dick Walsh continue as head of the Council? Will the likes of Sneddon continue in his role etc etc Fantastic result for Oban South and the Isles – well done Mary-Jean!

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    • We will publish an article on some of these issues later this evening.
      The election is also not fully over yet. The Dunoon contest had to be postponed because of the recent death of Councillor Alister McAlistrer, who was due to stabnd in Dunoon.
      That vote is being held on Thursday 10th May and Dick Walsh is one of the candidates. The overall picture will not be clear until that ward election is completed.

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  14. Floribunda – Helensburgh probably voted in Ellen Morton a) because despite the keech you read about her on here – she is an able politcian and b)because the people of Helensburgh don’t consider rural schools to be the ‘big agenda item’ that others think it is. :)(

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    • And we don’t bother so much here about the state Iraq has been left in by our illegal intervention.
      It’s a matter of scale, Simon but it’s the same thing.
      We have all to try to understand the condition of the other.
      If one is a townie or a teuchter – to use the pejoratives for both – one cannot ‘know’ what it is to be the other; but one can ask, discover and intuit.
      The problem with the school closures was driven, in part, by the phenomenon you identify: urban-based councillors adopting a position on rurality with no experience or understanding of rural communities, the way they work and they way they can fail.
      It was the complacent assumption that a position of ignorance was somehow a qualification for superior wisdom that was the can of petrol in this inflammation.
      In this case, as you rightly say, the people of Helensburgh didn’t and don’t think rural schools lke Luss and Kilcreggan matter much. Campbeltown cared as much for Southend; Oban for Barcaldine; Rothesay for North Bute; and Dunoon for Toward.
      Why should they. It’s not their experience.
      But that cannot be the basis for deciding, uninformed, on other people’s lives – or for ganging up on them.
      Yet each of these places unknown to townsfolk is a rich and individual culture, a living organism that keeps alive much of the country. If these places die, then alternative means and values for living die too.
      It’s not straightforward but it matters.

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    • Simon you can tell that to the parents at Parklands, I was in the council chamber the day of the vote and Ms Morton was to busy attacking Isobel Strong to even mention the schools. I have never seen anything so vindictive in my life…

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  15. Simon, brace yerself! I’m going to agree with you!

    Ellen Morton – able politician? She’s a blimin evil genius!

    Rural schools are not a big agenda item in her ward? – well duh! I wonder if it would become one if she had voted to close Cardross Primary twice over the last few years? mmmmmmm?

    And then of course there was those lovely pictures in the Helensburgh Dancevertiser a few weeks ago of Ellen and the Gimp informing the electorate of their £19 million bribe to be ALLEGEDLY spent in their back yard. And all because of them.

    Evil Genius

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  16. Cf. Morton’s re-election (and several others), not everyone pays attention to politics. Not everyone has children in school (in fact a lot of people do not) and won’t be aware of the issues there. Not everyone voted. Not everyone who voted will be fully informed as to what’s going on (God only knows I try and avoid local politics as much as possible) and will vote for people that “we” wouldn’t.

    All these things combine to produce what scientists refer to as “unexpected results”.

    Also known as democracy, with all its failures and foibles.

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  17. Newsie “urban-based councillors ” see there you go blaming someone else.

    Duh!!! They were voted in!! The electorate wanted them – more than you didn’t want them… :)

    Mibbie just for a nanosecond you might consider that these politicos were not so much ‘anti rural schools’ but perhaps moreof a ‘we have a shed load of priorities we have to consider’ – we have to meet the cuts imposed by the national SNP govt – and we shall consider these cuts in the round”.
    IE we will not automatically give primacy to rural schools over, old folks homes, roads, sport facilities, care for the elederly, voluntary organisations, housing, etc, etc.

    ps how did ‘I’ll give them a veto’ Ambitious Anne get on???

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    • Simon – just lose the blinkers and read what’s being said. There was no suggestion that there is anything wrong with ‘urban based’ anythings.

      This was a serious response to your comment. It’s important to try the ‘what ifs?’ What if this is a serious matter and not a squib?

      If it wasn’t a serious point but merely another squib through our letter box, then there is no use trying to engage. Email your address and we’ll send you a box of Bengal matches to play with.

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      • It’s unfortunate that Simon gets more than usually fractious at this time of day. I’m not sure if gripe water would help, but the most sensible thing would be to put him to bed at the proper time.

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    • I got on fine. I didn’t get in but came a reasonable fourth and am left with plenty of time to pursue my specific interests. Ambitious? Only in the sense of being ambitous for Argyll and Bute, but then all our SNP councillors are. Other than that I’m quite the happy camper. A lot of ARSN candidates are now councillors.

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  18. Newsie “If it wasn’t a serious point but merely another squib through our letter box, then there is no use trying to engage. Email your address and we’ll send you a box of Bengal matches to play with” …. are you on the drink?

    ps you have my email address already ;)

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  19. Just trying to do some amateur statistics on my (Helensburgh Central) ward’s results. The turnout was 45%… but I can’t find anywhere how big the electorate was! Anyone got any idea?

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  20. Just finished work so just catching up on some of the crack about the results.Firstly I would like to thank everybody who voted for me and for all the people who helped to put everthing together especially my own sons.We went close but best of luck to Roddy he’s a great bloke.Marian told me to say that.As for Oban North I have mixed emotions,great that Ian got in but very sad for melon he would of been a great councillor but he,ll be back I hope.
    But the tremendous news about McKay means that the cider is being opened at this very moment.This was the councillor who along with Jo Smith’s help put the knife in big George Berry.Sadly in real life decent people don’t get any payback most of the time, but this result is pure magic, just a pity that he was the only one.
    Where do we go now? Well we will be putting together local debates on different issues that hopefully will generate more interest and keep the councillors on their toes.We have to engage our young people, so that will be an important part of our plans,If we could, a debate with the senior pupils from our high school would I think be a great start.Any Ideas would be very helpful.We can’t just leave it to the councillors we all have to put our bit in.
    So back to the cider and best wishes and congratulations to all the new councillors, lets rock and roll and make Argyll the best in the West.
    Power to People.

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    • Thats democracy for you!
      I think perhaps the mainly single issue campaign focus (George Berry) would not have helped in the eyes of the electorate. You are passionate and had you put a more comprehensive message out then i am sure you would have got in. I had predicted you would have got in, and am sure next time you will.I also feel with your local background you would have got elected in the more transparent ‘first past the post’, system which many hope will return.
      Enjoy the cider.

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  21. I note that not all comments are shown – who makes that decision? I do not like the gloating attitude some of your contributers display. It leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth, particularly when they give only a pseudonym.

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    • All that we can think of here is that any comment you are aware of as unpublished may have been written without the ‘Post comment’ button being properly activated.

      Two of us have been sharing the monitoring of comments over the life of this article and neither of us has blocked a single comment – something we have almost never had to do.

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    • The ‘gloating attitude’ displayed by some commentators is just evidence that their utterances are to be taken with a pinch of salt – and that they deserve pity rather than respect.

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  22. For Lowry — Comment 20
    Donald Melville received 410 votes!
    12 votes short of ousting a long term councillor!! On his first attempt!
    I wonder if Lowry thinks that he could ever endear himself enough to 410 people to persuade them to vote for him!(or her?)

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      • Jeezo Lowry! Veiled hint and innuendo!

        What do you know him as a neighbour from Hell? the funny handshake club? or in the “biblical” sense?

        Aren’t you one for slagging off everyone else when they make an un-substantiated comment?

        So you don’t like the guy, for whatever reason. Have you ever stopped to think maybe the problem is you? From the comments you make on here, you certainly don’t come across as a people person.

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      • Donald is a nice guy don’t get me wrong, however ,the reality is that he is rightly or wrongly seen by many as ‘damaged goods’, which is perhaps borne out by the result.
        Sorry – just telling it as it is

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  23. It could be that the problem is me but I don’t think so. Too many other folk have witnessed what I have seen him do and heard him say. There’s loads of evidence.

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  24. Lowry is not the problem. I am also aware of various incidences of questionable behaviour by this candidate. Unless the SNP has moved away from the moral high ground that some contributors to this blog site seem to claim, then it should look more closely at its candidate selection criteria.

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    • But of course the critics remain anonymous.
      One of the depressing aspects of what would otherwise be a useful and informative website is the way that a few cowardly people snipe away with questionable contributions while lacking the guts to identify themselves.
      I accept that some contributors have reasons for withholding their identity but what excuse do Lowry and Spock have other than that what they say is damaging and without any evidence at all other than hint, hearsay and inuendo?
      Does the high moral tone within their comments suggest that they perhaps lead immaculate and blameless lives? Were they to sign their contributions we could all be the judges although I would hope that those of us who sign our names would be more charitable than they are.

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      • Yawn Yawn -anytime anyone suggests anything inappropriate to do with the SNP candidates or officials Ken is on to bleat about identity. – Have you ever considered maybe others know who Lowry is and simply you dont? Would Lowry’s comment be any less relevant if it was under Mr Ken Lowry or ?Mrs Dot Lowry? Would you then demand an address? In this instance I would suggest given “melon” obtained in excess of 400 votes then whatever the issues are, the public are willing to forgot or disregard as he just missed out so cant be all that bad.

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  25. Crikey! So previous history doesn’t count when putting oneself forward for election!

    Do leopards change their spots after an election?

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    • Well I guess they must change their spots, as the Donald Melville I was in school with and dealt with in my early working years was a stand up bloke, willing to help people and a hard worker to boot.
      But wait a minute he ran as a councillor (trying to help people) and I have seen him in the OT cleaning up Jacobs’s ladder (working within the community) damn maybe he hasn’t changed
      Lowery try picking up you’re dummy and move on hate will only eat you up my friend

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  26. What a nasty set of comments about Donald Melville. Whoever you are, please don’t ever stand for the council. We need positive people, not this sort of pointless sniping. Luckily Mellon will continue to do a lot for the community, and better luck next time. If he had put Duncan MacIntyre out we would have had a pretty good spread of people. Even so it is not at all bad around Oban, and I am really confident that it is going to be a better place to try and get things done in.

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  27. I think I have finally rumbled “Simon” It could only be dastardly dick the tricky walsh, I cannot think of anyone else in Argyll with such a twisted mind. Hopefully he will be heading for Tiree this time next week

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  28. Well, actually I am going to Tiree this week…

    But since Tricky has an election on – don’t think he’ll be there…

    But if you want advice on who to vote for – Vote snp. The SNP those wonderful SNP people what gave you the Ali Cat…

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  29. Sadly the masked men are given some coverage for their cowardly attacks.I would hope that FA would start to block personal attacks that come like that.Having different opinions on all that happens in our area is what makes the debate. I have also been greatly helped by information and ideas that have been given on here.I love an argument on any subject but if you attack someone personally on here it should not be accepted unless you front up with your name.If you feel so strongly about someone surely you would want them to know who you are.If you stand for any public office the stick that goes with it is the price you pay but to have abuse thrown at you from silent cowards should be kept of this site.
    Power to the People who are proud of their name.

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  30. I think I have found out why some people do not give their proper name. 1. They cannot spell it and 2. They do not want people to know how bad their english (or any other) grammar is!

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  31. Bit late i know, but i have been out all weekend. Taking up what someone said earlier, i too have noticed that comments that don’t follow to FA’s agenda are removed. Also I heard those that make such comments get blocked.

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    • Paula, have you looked at Simon’s comments? By no stretch of the imagination could he be said to be following FA’s agenda and he’s quite abusive sometimes to boot.

      I did see a comment removed once. It said “comment removed” and gave the reason. Maybe newsroom can outline how it’s done again, but I’m not conscious of things being removed. If everyone was agreeing all the time it would be like talking to yourself would it not?

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    • Sorry , Paula, but you are simply wrong on this. Many comments that are posted are critical and contrary and are published. How else would we hear from such tolerant and generously spirited people as Simon, Lowry, JayC and Clootie Dumpling?

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    • Sorry Paula. That is flatly incorrect and you cannot therefore have any evidence for it whatsoever.

      In our entire lifespan we have blocked fewer than 10 comments – and that’s allowing for memory loss. They have been blocked because they were fully actionable, scatological or smearing for political advantage.

      We have also banned one person permanently because he persisted in clear libel in what was clearly a personal obsession that had nothing to do with anyone else.

      We sin-binned another for a period for an instance of outrageously poisonous manipulation.

      If anything, we should arguably have blocked a lot more comments, not in our own interests – it is patently obvious that we let anyone say what they like about us – but to offer more protection to some individuals than we have done.

      We have perhaps been overly tolerant in such cases because we prefer contributors to self-edit in the interests of observing a basic standard of civility and we believe that most people will do so.

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      • Must support Forargyll on this as I am not aware of anything at all being banned. Sometimes the debates are heated but are in the whole educational and an assist in many cases to forming opinions. Sometimes anger does filter through but on the norm its passionate and not personal (which really has no place here).

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  32. I absolutly Loved the use of the word “Scatological” by Newsdesk….it a simliar vein I nearly peed my kilt laughing.

    I have stored that one away for a rainy day!



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    • Mike, Everyone who loves the use of words should have favourites; Here’s another one for you-defenestration. There will probably be an opportunity to use it when the Coalition for Progress start tackling the situation at Kilmory!

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