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The only Kelly I have heard of came …

Comment posted Dunoon Ward count and RESULT by KayBee.

The only Kelly I have heard of came from the Isle of Man – any relation?

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  • Argyll First endorse Michael Breslin in Dunoon vote
    All the comment on here just reinforces my view that Party Politics has no place in Local Government nor I believe in Central Government. Its time we had proper democracy where elected members actually represent the wishes of all their electorate by actively seeking it out.
  • Dunoon Observer invites voters to pick their ghoul
    Good lord you do write the most awful rubbish. Shut down take a journalism course and then once you learn how to be objective you might find you have a brain. Suggest everyone reads the Cowal Courier or the Observer if they want responsible online news. Incidentally I have no connection with either publication.
  • Titanic Belfast – the travel offers are out there
    ” fast and frequent Argyll Ferries” failing to mention restricted by Clyde Port Authority to a maximum speed – I believe14 knots and the fact that they are unreliable in anything but calm weather. Why don’t you come clean and indicate that you are a mouthpiece for our MSP and the SNP and not an independent unbiased news source.

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