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I am thrilled and delighted for Argyll and …

Comment posted SNP’s Coalition for Progress now has a majority – 19 councillors by Ron Simon.

I am thrilled and delighted for Argyll and Bute. Roddy will prove an excellent leader and has an excellent team around him.

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  • Dunoon Ward count and RESULT
    I am thrilled for Mike Breslin, he ran a super campaign and thoroughly deserves his seat at Kilmory. Its my birthday today (friday) and to see a new SNP councillor elected to the Argyll and Bute team gives me double cause for celebration.
    mike will prove to be a very able asset to Argyll and Bute, to his Dunoon ward and to the SNP,

    Well done!

  • Labour candidate accuses For Argyll of bias
    Mick should be flattered. No one has a monopoly on good ideas. I am the person who arranged and booked the Banner ad which seems to offend him so much, but I do confess It was not an original idea. I was inspired by the constant rotation via google on this website of The LABOUR ads during the Westminster Election.
    What’s good for the Goose……..!

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