18 months of effort and personal loss just …

Comment posted SNP’s Coalition for Progress now has a majority – 19 councillors by Integrity? Not in the Condemall.

18 months of effort and personal loss just became worthwhile. My kids have a better future and I look forward to them enjoying it.

Recent comments by Integrity? Not in the Condemall

  • Sturgeon hammers nail in coffin of SNP hopes of coalition at Westmister
    Fair enough JnrTick. I take my hat off to anyone who commits themselves to a cause and has the stamina and patience to play the long game (as long as the cause is an honourable one).

    I live in Kilcreggan which is obviously not that illustrative of the national mood due to its size and also proximity to Faslane. We did have some fairly full on debates in the local (always good natured bar one incident however that was actually someone from out of town that caused the friction) but now that it is over the overall sense is one of back to ”normal’.

    There will be some who voted YES who will change their vote next time. It will be a different time, a different context and a different economic climate. Those voting YES now will be possibly 20 years older and their priorities will have changed. People who were borderline this time will rethink next time. Equally though there will be NO voters in the same boat.

    My point isn’t that people will stop caring about independence, just that, for the majority of the nation it will fade as an issue of regular consideration until such time as it comes round again. I actually think it would be bad for the YES campaign to try and keep up the momentum as people will get tired of it and volunteer burn out is always an issue. Bombarding people through social media is not the answer, it will need to be far more strategic than that.

  • Sturgeon hammers nail in coffin of SNP hopes of coalition at Westmister
    So in summary Scandinavia is a top spot for being treated well, well unless you have the wrong passport!

    This really just takes us back to the referendum when people were keen to point toward the good points about an argument but conveniently ignore the bad points.

  • Sturgeon hammers nail in coffin of SNP hopes of coalition at Westmister
    Divorce doesn’t just refer to marriage. It can be the separation of any two things that were connected in some way.
  • Scotland owes its welter of new powers to the No Thanks pro-union vote
    Asking for the evidence is a fair question Murdoch.

    Equally though where is your evidence of this ‘Avalanche’ of conned NO supporters moving onto the independence express? It strikes me as nonsense rhetoric, and not particularly convincing rhetoric at that. Poorly constructed propaganda.

  • Sturgeon hammers nail in coffin of SNP hopes of coalition at Westmister
    I don’t think it is particularly indicative of a trend. My guess is the sat majority of the rise in membership is due to SNP supporters who were always SNP supporters but never members deciding to sign up due to a degree of siege mentality caused by the narrow defeat in the referendum.

    It is not an increase in SNP support, just an increase in the number of people paying to be part of the team.

    Clearly not something to be sniffed at if you are an SNP supporter and any party would be playing it up the way the SNP currently are but those in charge of the party know full well it isn’t really an upswell in support for the party.

    I expect this siege mentality to be around for a period of maybe a year and that will carry the SNP to local election wins and a resounding win in May. After that I think we will gradually start to move back toward where we were with the SNP the most popular party but not dominating and Labour slowly clawing back some ground.

    Turnouts will drop back as we are already seeing and will finally stabilise back where they used to be before the referendum got more people engaged.

    Anyone who thinks the fervour for independence amongst the ’45′ will stay at the levels they were a few months ago for an extended period of time are delusional. It will wain amongst those who aren’t normally politically engaged only to return the next time there is a referendum. I am not saying that to be critical of people, I actually think it is the norm. People have busy, complicated, happy, sad, difficult, tragic, fun etc etc lives. Their focus will, and already is, switching off from independence.

    For a while we will see social media posts with YES voters blaming the NO campaign for all the ills of the country and NO voters highlighting what they see a evidence that Scotland would have struggled if independent but these will end up being the people who would have posted that sort of stuff regardless of there being a referendum.

    We know the SNP are going to win comfortably in the general election. Fair play to them, that is democracy at work. Can’t say I am in any way bothered about it. They have done as good a job as anyone else would have done running the country. Yes they have done things I disagree with but so would any party in charge. What I would like to see is a term in government where independence, as a key topic, is properly put on the back burner and the country properly focuses on the here and now.

    Independence will come round again but I, for one, hope it isn’t for a while. Not because I am opposed to it as an idea. Just because I think the scottish public didn’t vote for it, they voted to remain in the union and the government needs to respect that decision for a decent amount of time and run the country within the structure the public chose. Once time has gone by (say 20 years to pick a number out of thin air) if there is a genuine sense that there has been a material change in public opinion then we can return to it. But if we are running another referendum within ten years because there may or may not have been a swing of a few percent then that would be negligent politics and a waste of public resources.

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39 Responses to 18 months of effort and personal loss just …

  1. A new dawn – I just hope that the SNP group don’t ever forget that once upon a time they were in bed with Walsh & co, and resist any future temptations to make inappropriate pacts with unsuitable partners – or their past will come back to haunt them.

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    • The example of the Alliance should never be forgotten in terms of a descent into ‘anything goes’ that should never be replicated.
      The best guarantee is Roddy McCuish’s nature which has been steadfastly honest. The challenge for him will be to hang on to that in the face of anything – and that is bound at some point to bring its difficulties.
      We have all seen politicians who have become little more than holograms after selling off any semblance of integrity. It is hard – now – to imagine the straightforward Roddy McCuish committing or permitting any departure in that direction.
      We will be as much on watch with this administration as with any other. And, as we have said, the presence of the Argyll First group is both reassurance and canary.
      It is not the number of bodies in the coalition that matters, it is the substance of those bodies.

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  2. Crazy; Hope you’ve got your tin hat on for when the surfers and trolls start throwing their toys out of their cots!!
    Voters in Dunoon have a clear choice now, conflict or Coalition for Progress.

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  3. No fair!!
    There goes my hope of a SUPER School based in H’burgh which can accomodate 199000 children from sunday evening to friday afternoon.
    Mortons? are you reading this??

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  4. Hooray for the coalition and the honest-as-the-day-is-long postie McCuish. Looking round the virtual room containing them all I see so many people I trust. I can’t remember when we last had a council ruling group I could say that about! Now I am going to burn their ears off about protecting our amazing heritage and celebrating our astounding culture. Who will they get to lead that particular charge?

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    • you will not be alone Catherine… there was plenty of support for what we have in the landscape around us this weekend by the Scottish Place Names Society conference.
      Some of us may only be small voices but together we have the most vital message to shout about.

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  5. To quote Private Fraser,”We’re doomed”.

    I predict that turnout in Cowal will be very low. The exercise will be largely pointless.

    It certainly raises the question of whether in the case of the death of a candidate the whole council election should be postponed and not just the ward.

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  6. OK, wishlist time! Who do we want in the leadership roles?

    I think George Freeman should definitely get some kind of leaders post back for all that he lost and gave up.

    We need able people to deal with the Officers who unexplicably think they are in charge – hahaha – to be a fly on the Kilmory walls this morning!

    Answers on a postcard

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  7. Friday evening I was feeling a bit deflated with the results. Come Monday and I am euphoric. Same results but a different outcome. I am so glad that Cllr Elaine Robertson has joined the Coalition (the good one that is!). She is held in great respect in North Argyll but her membership of the Alliance was straining relationships. Early signs that Roddy is going to make an excellent leader of the Council.

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  8. What a breath of fresh air we now have to get the good guys back in Cowal on Thursday and really give Dick Welsh the message closed door nepotism in our council is finished

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  9. Great news. Hope they put James Robb in charge of the Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee.

    Small point: Rosneath’s Robert McIntyre is not new to local politics. He represented Rosneath and Clynder on a previous local authority.

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  10. Good morning folks how about some predictions.
    Dick Walsh will pull out of the election on Thursday as he would rather do the garden now.
    Duncan MacIntyre will retire and buy a boat to tour the west coast looking for potential pontoon sites.
    By election in the North and with the backing of Lowry and JayC, Donald Melville will sail in with the help of his new kayak.
    Or will Easdale go for Independence and elect Duncan as El Presidentee? Who said life in Argyll was quiet, all we need now is Trump moving to Tiree to build a new golf course and Murdock to buy the Oban Times and we have the lot.
    Power to the People.

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    • Awww thanks for thinking of me but alas I’m in the wrong ward for my vote to count. Power to the people, well 93% of them anyway! Have a nice day.

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  11. I would not be so hasty. Mr Walsh has, in the past, shown himself to be a very shrewd operator. And it is not unheard of for people who did think they would go with one grouping to then change their minds.

    So while this McCuish coalition looks *probable*, I would wait until after the Dunoon count before cracking open the bubbly.

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  12. For Neil MacIntyre and Mairi, there are some members of the Alliance who are “person non grata” and who would not be welcomed into the new coalition. Prior to Friday there were six. That has now reduced to four. It does not take a genious to work out who they are.

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  13. Hi DB, your “drunken lecture” and the advice from other community contacts on Friday and Saturday would have helped. I did spend some time on the phone late on Saturday night and standing on Peaton Hill on Sunday morning explaining the various options to Robert. I have no doubt that along with me, he has taken the best decision as far as his constituents are concerned. After all, it is our communities and our constituents who are the most important people.

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  14. Well, well – it looks like a new administration in Kilmory. The best of luck to them – given the challenges the area faces – they’ll certainly need it.

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  15. I hope the new coalition brings the new approach that Kilmory needs and the correct persons are given the jobs that will turn round Argyll and Bute and help people who elected this new grouping

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