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This is what Argyll and Bute needs Councillors …

Comment posted Argyll First endorse Michael Breslin in Dunoon vote by ceartas.

This is what Argyll and Bute needs Councillors supported on merit and ability and not held back by dogma. This indicates the wind of change blowing through the council and augers well, that we will have a broad based administration in Kilmory which will look to the needs of the people they represent and not the narrow minded, self interest and totally undemocratic regime that ended on the third of May 2012

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  • Mr Graham seems to think that a candidate’s person is based on the remarks at a hustings. Dick Walsh has had more than plenty time to examine situations that would benefit Argyll and Bute but has consistently acted in a manner to suit his and his groups best interests not that of Argyll. As far as secrecy is concerned Mr Walsh is a leading exponent of the omert√† prevalent over the last years of his administration. Contact with the Scottish Government would have revealed what and what could not be done with funding received from Edinburgh, but lack of openness as highlighted by both Argyll First and the SNP group led by Roddy Mccuish, through the inner sanctum of the Executive Committee, that ensured no actions were discussed in an open and frank manner are hopefully a thing of the past.

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