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Would like to think that my drunken lecture …

Comment posted on SNP’s Coalition for Progress now has a majority – 19 councillors by Delusional Bint

would like to think that my drunken lecture on Friday swung oor Bobbie round but I don’t care as long as the Dick Walsh ring of power is broken!!

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  • Silvers Marine facing liquidation

    So much has been happening this is the quickest way of updating

  • Silvers Marine facing liquidation
    Directorship of Covercraft Industrial listed as struck off and company dissolved on 11th January, the plot thickens!!
  • Silvers Marine facing liquidation
    Mark Aikman has resigned as Director of Clydelink Ltd, Silvers Loch Lomond Ltd and Cafe Lochan Ltd, all on the 8th of March!!
  • Silvers Marine facing liquidation
    At this rate I wonder what the odds are that Clydelink will complete the first year of it’s contract for the Kilcreggan Ferry! The SPT will certainly have mud on it’s face and have to explain itself if this is the case.
  • Silvers Marine facing liquidation
    It has been posted that Mark Aikman’s post as a Director of Clydelink Ltd has been terminated on the 8th March 2012. What does this indicate for the future of the Kilcreggan Ferry?

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