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Supporters support, they don’t protest. Although . . . …

Comment posted on Scottish Power Renewables announces another delay for proposed Tiree Array by Webcraft

Supporters support, they don’t protest.

Although . . . Scott Holdaway tweeted earler re. the CATS demo in Edinburgh today: Police separating around 100 anti-windfarm & 30 pro-wind power protestors outside Holyrood

I guess what the supporters are protesting about is the protestors.

Not a very inspiring performance from CATS today . . . especially the mealy-mouthed waffling on climate change when questioned by Patrick Harvie.

Webcraft also commented

  • What do you mean, ‘no-one has taken it into account’ – for goodness’ sake TTT, do you think everyone in your so-called ‘green brigade’ is utterly stupid?

    I think you will find that everyone will agree with you that there is a carbon cost involved in transporting wood.

    Every form of fuel has a carbon footprint. Some fuels have a lower carbon footprint than others though.

    The task is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% from 1990 levels by 2025 and by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050. No-one has ever suggested we could or should eliminate all man-made CO2 emissions – that would be impossible.

  • Tell me about the lies Malcolm. What lies did I tell? What lies did Patrick Harvie tell?

    What on earth do you think gives you the right to go around accusing people of lying then offering not a scrap of evidence?

  • Explain what lies I told. What ‘nonsense’ did I make up? Can you quote it please?

    Explain what lies Patrick Harvie told. It is no good referring us to his words, none of us can see any lies. You will need to explain.

    Making unsubstantiated accusations is a bit pathetic Malcolm – you really need to do better than that.

    While you are sustantiating your accusations you can perhaps also enlighten us on what qualifications Graham Lang has that allow him to question the findings of the hundreds of scientists that contribute to the IPCC reports? I am afraid that being a ‘wise old head’ and watching a few videos really doesn’t cut the mustard.

    ‘The jury is out’ – erm well actually, no, it isn’t. At least we now know that you are a climate change denier,. so sensible people can henceforth ignore everything you have to say on this subject.

  • So Malcolm you were being less than honest when you said you had no choice. You simply aren’t prepared to invest even a small amount in helping the environment. Did your calculations include the subsidy available through the RHI?

    Your comment about wood burning shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the whole CO2/fossil fuels issue – go and read up on it a bit and then maybe we can have a sensible conversation about biomass and its role in Scotland’s future energy mix.

    Re. Patrick Harvie – I am interested as to what parts of his short speech you thought were lies. Perhaps you could enlighten us, as just calling someone a liar without backing up your accusation is sloppy debating to say the least and libellous at worst.

    Sadly it seems to be something you are getting into the habit of – you called me a liar yesterday or the day before I seem to remember, but offered no evidence to support your allegation.

  • Here’s another article in the John O’Groats Journal on the Beatrice project.

    Looks like Caithness and Wick are keen to grab some of the benefits of offshore wind:

    Caithness and Sutherland Regeneration Partnership programme manager Eann Sinclair said:
    “The renewable industry sector is going to have a big part to play in the future of the North Highland economy.”

    “The predominant point of interest for us is whether they bring onshore jobs with them and in terms of offshore development in the Moray Firth, it is going to be places like Wick that are going to benefit from the wind farm.

    “Due to its close proximity to the site, Caithness will be in a greater place to meet the needs from the operation and maintenance aspect of the development than production as companies will want to be based in the area to oversee the project.”

    Argyll and its vociferous population of resident NIMBYs (few of whom are natives) don’t want any development that will upset the status quo or spoil the view from their holiday cottages and retirement homes.

    My bet is that the offshore renewables revolution will largely pass Argyll by, like so much else.

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