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Ken – this website might be read in …

Comment posted Scotttish Government statement following death of Ali Al-Megrahi by Robert Wakeham.

Ken – this website might be read in a far wider area of the world than I, for one, would have thought – and If I started on about the USS Vincennes, the death of everyone in the Iranian airliner it shot down while in Iranian territorial waters, and another such incident involving a different American ship and an Omani civilian aircraft that would have ended the same way but for a long chance, I might get the thumbs down.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • I’m wondering if the anonymous blogger is from Islay, or just taking its name in vain.
  • The Skipper of the Vincennes (Captain Will Rogers III) reminded me of a character out of Apocalypse Now. After he’d decided that an Iran Air airbus climbing out of Bandar Abbas, on a regular scheduled flight to Dubai, was actually an F14 Tomcat fighter diving into attack his ship – and put two guided missiles into the airliner killing all 290 people on board – he wasn’t universally applauded. Either Time or Newsweek did a very effective expose of just how appalling the use of a highly sophisticated warship to annihilate a civilian airliner really was. Having said all that, the Lockerbie disaster might still have had a Libyan connection – like the French UTA DC10 airliner destroyed over the Sahara, and found to be the work of Libyans in the same way that Lockerbie was.
  • There’s a risk that all the political noise hides the clear opinion from Dr Jim Swire down the years that Megrahi did not murder his daughter and all the others.

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