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You know as well as I do, they …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by Calum.

You know as well as I do, they are not allowed to speak up for themselves!!! Their bosses have told them they are not allowed to speak to any press or news agencies!!

Calum also commented

  • Seems to me that “not sure” might be the little girls dad!!!
    Not wanting to believe anyone elses story and wanting any statements that say anything against Martha taken off!!!!
    Can you prove she didnt take stuff off the trays before photographing them and can you prove she didnt take the unhealthiest meals!!!
    No, didnt think so!!!
    What happened to freedom of speech? or is that not allowed either?
  • My partner is a dinner lady in that school and I can assure you, they are the ones getting the blame for this!!!
  • My partner works in the school as a dinner lady and ALL the staff have watched her take things off the tray before photographing it, this has also been witnessed by numerous other kids in the primary school.
    Evidence cannot be given as the dinner ladies are not allowed to take cameras into the school to photograph he kids!!!!

    Is that enough evidence for you

  • There is two sides to this story!! First of all has anyone thought about the dinner ladies that are on the front line and are getting the abuse for all this? It’s not them that makes the decisions on what to feed the kids yet they are getting a hard time from the whole school now and are also very seriously worried about losing their jobs because of a nine year old girl!!! Secondly, a little bit of investigation goes a long way….. The little girl in question is taking the unhealthiest meal on the menu each day, when there is healthier choices….. And she is also taking some food off the tray before she photos it for her blog!!!! Where is the integrity in that!!! Maybe this is just a case of her parents looking for their 15 minutes of fame but surely there is better ways to do it!!!

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