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Newsroom, Calum has also stated in a comment …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by Not sure.

Newsroom, Calum has also stated in a comment above that “The little girl in question is taking the unhealthiest meal on the menu each day, when there is healthier choices….. And she is also taking some food off the tray before she photos it for her blog!!!!” I think his comment should be removed, if he is unable to support his claim with some evidence, his partner, has so far been unwilling to speak out.

Not sure also commented

  • Calum, So when will your partner speak out in public? I am sure her employers would be more than happy for her to do so, as it gets them out of a big hole!!! I look forward to hearing her side of the story!!! Now that would be Evidence.
    Newsroom,Can you follow these claims up?
  • Calum, Now back up your claims with some evidence!!!

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