School Dinners stooshie: young Martha Payne has the right pedigree

No one can say that nine year old Martha Payne doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

She is the Lochgilphead Primary School pupil who has the council on the back foot over the grim and miserly school dinners she photographed and exposed to viral interest on the internet and the nationwide media.

The council’s hapless Malcolm McFadyen could not have made a worse decision when he went on air and chose to criticise this independent-minded child for making the wrong choice.

Her father – the one who has been working with her on the personal creative project that led to her photographs being published on her blog, NeverSeconds, is the energetic inspiration behind the massive and carnivalesque Lochgilphead Rally in support of the Mid Alrgyll Swiming Pool (MacPool) and who looks after events on the MacPool Board.

Her mother is a local GP.

The family grow a lot of their own food on their smallholding and while working on this, Mr Payne looks after their children.

This is an intelligent, well informed, self sufficient family – not hippy but savvy and articulate and Martha’s gene legacy looks to be evidence of it.

Mr McFadyen might reflect on the wisdom of knowing when to stop digging.

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9 Responses to School Dinners stooshie: young Martha Payne has the right pedigree

  1. But in fairness, she does compliment some of the meals, it was just the (particularly) miserly ones that the national press highlighted. That said, it is a good blog and well done to a switched on 9 year-old.

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  2. no suprise in the experiance of this 9 year old and school meals. We hear so much about healthy balanced diet yet the very people entrusted to provided guidance and education in this field are failling our youngsters.

    If this was a private functioning resturant it would no longer be trading.

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    • your probaly right … all the kids would be down the street at the cafe or the chip shop with big polystyrene box of chipps and cheese if they were not made to eat there till secondery school and the dinner ladys would be alone with the salads and baked potatos that are always avalible

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  3. What do they expect to get for a 2 pound dinner, if just a piece of fruit will cost how much? And a yogourt?
    In the house holdings they don’t do much better either. It a cultural thing. I have never seen people spending money buying and cooking good food.

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  4. if you look into what has happend you will find there has been no change at all to the school dinners …the school has a menu system with always a healthy choice and also more “main stream” meals for the kids who will not eat if there is no “junk ” on the plate there is always salad and baked potatos or a choice of main meal off the four week menu perhaps if veg asked the dinner ladys if she could photograph all the choces she has on offer it would give a better reflection of the healthy options that are being passed up

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