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The casting vote in the event of a …

Comment posted Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options by David Graham.

The casting vote in the event of a tie, may go to the individual who appears to pull all the strings in Argyll and Bute…..
Our local MSP!

David Graham also commented

  • George Who of the Councillors in the list above are the 9 Senior Councillors?
  • Will be interesting to see who are the 9 Senior Councillors?
  • Oh well looks like cut of the cards…….tomorrow.
  • Hamish There is amajor difference with North Ayrshire in that the 4 Tory Councillors in Argyll and Bute would be on opposite of the Council.
    Imagine if the 13 SNP councillors were split 9-4 as four wanted to serve their local area in Bute and Cowal! There would be expulsions either the 9 or the 4.
    Standing before the voters on a Party ticket requires discipline based on the manifesto of the local party.
  • Have the Tories reined in their 4th Councillor and the other two Independents followed suit?
    Could not have Tories on the Administration AND Opposition…same goes for Argyll First.

Recent comments by David Graham

  • Scottish Conservatives spot evidence of SNP intent on indyref 2
    If the people living in Scotland had vote YES last September we would be facing Independence Day at the end of March 2016.
    With all the false promises from the SNP in the White Paper and the new long term timescale for Full Fiscal Autonomy what a mess an Independent Scotland would have been with a YES vote at the end of March 2016.
  • Scottish Government in the dock on Shetland Times’ revelations on 2012 Northern Isles ferry contract award
    Well done to David Stewart MSP for persuing this important issue and to Newsy for her informative report on what happened for Serco to win the tender. More to come on that!
    West Coast tnder must not follow the same process.
    Scottish Government and Ministers must be called to account.
  • Tactical voting in Argyll and Bute: Alan Reid the most likely pro-union consensus candidate
    Having spent half of my trade union /political life in Argyll and Bute my experience is that the voters in A and B are more likely to cast a vote for the Candidate they have met and know of.
    They also look for the individual to have links and a strong personal commitment to the area.
  • Tactical voting in Argyll and Bute: Alan Reid the most likely pro-union consensus candidate
    Argyll and Bute constituency voters will put their X on their ballot paper for the candidate that will best represent all the people living in the constituency for the next 5 years.
    The candidate who rules out others and their backers who put their predictions on national polls take the risk of complacency.
    The excitment of elections is their unpredictability.
    Campaigning to promote what they stand for and what they offer to the people living across the many differing communities in Argyll and Bute constituency is what DEMOCRACY is all about!
    May the best candidate win………….
  • Mary Galbraith: Accountability and reform essential for ferry services
    Rickets….who every you are…there is no such a group as the Argyll Labour Branch.
    For you info there is the Argyll and Bute Constituency Labour Party and 3 Branches..Oban,Lorn and the Isles…Mid Argyll, Kintyre and Islay…Bute and Cowal..
    A fourth Branch is involved with Mary Galbraith’s campaign from Helensburgh and Lomond.
    Surprised if there is a memo as the only meetings in the last 6 months have been Campaign elction meetings at both CLP level and local Branch level.
    Mary Galbraith does not need to waste valuable campaigning time answering something that has been made up… by someone who wishes to remain anonymous!

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