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This is very subjective Of course there are …

Comment posted Now see for yourself: For Argyll challenges anyone to say SPR plans for Argyll Array at Tiree are acceptable by Rob Trythall.

This is very subjective

Of course there are certain houses in specific spots on Tiree that will have a very limited view of the Array . Of course any house at the bottom of one of Tiree’s 3 small hills (145m)will have a limited view of the proposed Array (200m) .

From my own house, from the ground floor I will see only the tops of the closer turbines, but from my upstairs, I will will see a considerable portion of the total Array.

Your “view” can be put in its true Tiree visual perspective if any reader goes to the ‘Visualisations’ page of the NTA w/site and clicks on the OBAN TIMES VIDEO This was made incorporating the SPR visualisations that SPR have now posted on their w/site.

The visual evidence of the negative visual impact of the proposed Array is all there to see,and might explain why it has taken 11 attritional months to get SPR to produce these what they could have done 11 moths ago

And SPR’s reason for this 11 months refusal
was quote ” It’s not consumer friendly to put such large files on line”unquote

Maybe SPR should let the consumer judge what is unfriendly .

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  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons
    Re “… you’re bed”…I recommend you make use of the edit facility.
  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons

    Once more you manifest your comprehension issues. Unless Scottish Govt has the required Act of UK Parliament to hold an Independence Referendum, then Scottish Govt would be attempting to declare UDI , which would be self defeating.

    Nicola S is is more cautious than her rhetoric, which has obviously whipped you and your fellow SNP zealots into an Independence Feeding Frenzy. Scottish opinion may have shifted a wee bit but not enough to make separation a certainty. She has indicated she needs to see a consistent 60% poll for Independence over a 12 month period before she will consider Indy ref(2). Independence is an even harder sell than it was at the referendum in 2014. Brexit has destroyed the SNP’s original shaky currency plan. The absence of a credible economic strategy is glaring when oil revenues are plummeting. Brent looks as if it may fall below $40. Funding Scotland’s deficit is UK dependent with by UK fiscal transfers worth more than 5 per cent of gross domestic product. To qualify for EU membership an Independent Scotland ,according to George Kerevan SNP MP, would have at least 5 yrs of self- inflicted draconian austerity (Note Kereven is the SNP’s member of the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee) .

    The evidence of the witnesses at today’s special sitting of Holyrood’s European Committee suggests Brexit may be a net advantage to Scotland.

    Not exactly what Nicola S wanted to hear.It would make any rational Scottish first minister pause!!.

    But back to the Supreme Court’s Judgement,it now leaves Scottish Govt to try and make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons

    You obviously have comprehension issues so here is the link to the full judgement .

    It is an excoriating judgement on the quality of Scottish Govt’s legislation.

    As for returning “to Sovereignty ‘ the absence of a referendum and then winning such a referendum , it aint gonna happen.

  • UK Supreme Court to hand down judgment on Named Person provision next Thursday

    ‘ First Minister has the support of Holyrood’ … yeah ..but so what? She and Holyrood have not committed to Indyref(2) for very obvious reasons(1) she may lose it and (2) she hasn’t a clue what credible EU options she can offer an Independent Scotland.

    She now has to accept the currency reality for an Independent Scotland ie no sterling union, and setting up Scottish Central/Reserve Bank , without which, Brussels would send her away ,to think again.

    Until she comes up with tangible currency and reserve Bank scenarios, Nicola S , and the SNP, are merely blowing hot air, and boring us with their humbug.

  • UK Supreme Court to hand down judgment on Named Person provision next Thursday

    You are a laugh a minute. It would appear SNP Scottish Govt been incompetent in NOT planning for Brexit . Still No commitment to Indyref(2). Instead Nicola S seems to think it has been a big deal to secure UK govt willingness ” to consider the options we ( Scottish Govt ) put forward’. Bit of a cop out from Nicola S, don’t you think ?

    Does anyone know what options NS is proposing? But if she gets UK Govt to agree to them, by default, she has to drop any Indyref(2)

    Seems a lose-lose outcome for the SNP

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