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This is one for newsroom – different people …

Comment posted Clydelink Kilcreggan-Gourock service suspended amidst queries by Robert Wakeham.

This is one for newsroom – different people using exactly the same name?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • This situation is clearly beyond the capabilities of SPT and Argyll and Bute council – in their present states – to manage, and central government has to step in.
    If the present Holyrood government can’t manage that, then how on earth can anyone believe they could manage an independent Scotland?
  • Fair enough, but that’s not a ‘routine follow-up’ – to pull a ferry out of service like that means that there’s a problem, to put it politely.
  • Ferryman – do you really think that the service could be suspended for a ‘routine follow up’, leaving people who depend on it in the lurch? Bad weather apart, if a ferry service can’t be relied on, it’s not a lot of use.

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