Dave, I would normally agree with common sense …

Comment posted McCuish announces ‘coalition for progress’ by Crazy She-Bat.

Dave, I would normally agree with common sense like that, however, having seen Ms Loudon and her executive pets in action at Kilmory at a number of meetings, I would have to say that will need to be one hell of an excuse to justify their actions.

Crazy She-Bat also commented

  • In short, she has to go :)

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  • Hilarious council insight in Argyllhire Advertiser
    Guys, if you want hilarious, take a look at the “Sculpture” on the side of the new Helensburgh Council Offices. I laughed so hard my significant other thought it was time to phone the ambulance again lol

    My daughter is convinced it is evil and I dare say glowing red eyes would make that work a treat.

  • Baillie on latest figures for Royal Alexandra Hospital A&E waiting times
    The blame of this could be laid at multiple doors for repeated failure to protect and indeed advance the NHS services in this area.

    Tell me this, is there some way to get the geographical data from these figures as to who attended the RAH from North of the water and South? Wonder how that would change those figures if the Vale of Leven had an A & E again?

  • Baillie on latest A&E stats from Royal Alexandra Hospital
    As a recent patient in most of the hospitals in the West of Scotland, I think I am quite qualified to answer this from the punters point of view.

    First of all, anything that supports bringing A&E back to the Vale of Leven MUST be supported, by everyone in the political spectrum. There is a stretch of A82 between Milton and Bowling that makes this necessary. Roadworks or an accident in this stretch of road makes the whole of Dumbarton choke up and the place comes to a standstill. Ambulances can’t get through, let alone anything else. If it were you, would you want your loved one stuck on the A82 in the back of an ambulance with beleaguered but thank goodness we have them, Paramedics doing everything they can with their limited equipment? I was such a loved one recently and I thank my lucky stars there was no such delay in getting me over the river, there’s more than a good chance I would not be here typing this today.

    Another issue with this stretch of road is for getting ambulances on the way back from RAH to attend more emergencies, if the A82 is blocked up the other way as it takes no time to back up to Erskine – even something as simple as sunshine does that easily as half of Glasgow heads up the West Coast.

    Review of hospital staff in the 4 hospitals I have been in over the last couple of months – Superb. Everything to be proud about in the NHS. Doing a difficult job whilst being overstretched in every imaginable way. Every ward is full to choking. Patients are being sent home as soon as humanly possible and the beds filled as soon as they’ve been cleaned.

    There are a number of causes:

    Patients are being sent from hospitals all over Scotland to receive specialist care which they can’t get in hospitals closer to home.

    Patients being held in hospital because care packages are not being put in place quickly enough by agencies like Social Work etc.

    A&E departments not being available in more local hospitals.

    This list goes on…

    However, the answer to alleviate the RAH’s particular problem, is to re-open A&E services at the hospitals that now feed it. Its quite simply an overload problem. Too much of the population have to report there.

    I mean no disrespect to the fabulous RAH – Alexandria Paramedics and the RAH saved my life, but this is a service quite clearly at breaking point.


  • Scotification pros and cons
    Quite frankly, I’d rather settle for the BBC being devolved completely.
  • Luss really does give a toss
    Raining pancakes in Luss tomorrow. I’m going out with a large net lol Good luck to all taking part.

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23 Responses to Dave, I would normally agree with common sense …

  1. Councillor Donald Kelly may be delighted , but I doubt if his voters are . He should be thrown out the Conservative and Unionist Party if this betrayal is true .

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    • i don,t know who islay forever is ,but i suspect he or she is what is termed on this island a white settler. obviously they are a tory to the root but haven,t a .councillor for the island except a lib dem which as many comments on this website have shown, that he has his own interests at heart and not the islanders or their children. donald kelly is an honest man and puts the interests of all the folk of argyll and bute above any party political associations whatsoever. this election was a local election and local issues are what most folk on the island of islay are concerned about.the argyll first group are in touch with the people of argyll which is more than can be said of david cameron and his cronies in his coalition,who are not in touch with the people in britain at all.

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  2. I thought the SNP was – according to its own rules – barred from doing deals with Conservatives. Is this still true?

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  3. The sun has consistantly shone on most of Argyll throughout the run up to the election. With the brave commitment of the new council ruling group our futures can only be but basking in a new dawn of sunny possibilities.
    Let’s away with negative posts, such as those aforementioned.

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  4. Well said. Its party politics that has allowed Dick Walsh to wrap our councillors round his little finger. The electorate voted for the candidates who would stand up to tricky dickie and kick him out of his current role whether he is re elected or not

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  5. Hey, I asked a genuine question – I don’t know the current status of that policy. I thought that someone here might know what the current policy is!!!

    It has certainly been applied for a long time. Eg, it stopped Alex Salmond from entering into any formal coalition with Annabel Goldie and the Conservative group in the Scottish Parliament. And I have heard lots of SNP people quote it at me, that they ‘would never do deals with Tories’.

    Now if they keep or change that rule, that is up to them. I am simply asking for clarification of current SNP policy.

    For what it’s worth, my view is that this is not a sustainable position nowadays in local government.

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    • You’re quite right, Mairi, that tribal exclusions are out of touch with the way most people today feel about the world.

      It is the calibre of the individual that counts – either way, not the pedigree they carry.

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  6. Nice to see Elaine getting down from the fence.
    Where does poor Duncan go now,Roddy beware a stranger bearing gifts, it gets better and better.
    Please tell us the coalition will start ripping apart Loudon, Sneddon, Walker and the rest of the malfunctioning Education department.A vote of no confidence in Loudon is a priority,the rest of her buddies can wait in line.
    Let the decent,honest staff who work for the council come forward and spill the beans,starting with the” Jo Smith adventures”.Good title for a book,sounds a bit steamy so we better keep pictures of Dick Walsh in his underwear out of it.
    Just a wee bit of crack till the hard decisions have to be made then we will really see what our new council is made of.Best of luck but the time for change is now no excuses now you are in charge.Lets rock and roll.

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  7. Times they are a changing.
    The SNP embargo on working in formal coalition with Tories was at Parliamentary level because of their unionist commitment. It is not relevant at council level. A Tory publicly in favour of independence has just been elected in Midlothian (Peter De Vink – see below)
    The “Unionist” in the Tory description in Scotland is not fundamental. It was a reaction to the “Irish Problem” in the early years of last century but I suspect London influence is the reason for it being stuck on Scotland’s Tories as if it was a party constitutional clause. Two of the prominent founder members of the SNP – the Duke of Montrose and Sir Compton Mackenzie – were Tories

    But the piece below represents a not inconsiderable procession of thought among Tories. Tories are not political in the sense others may be . They are pragmatists. When power shifts they shift with it. Interesting times.
    Despite last Thursday’s odd results (achieved by the media and not by a hopeless Labour Party)I believe Labour in Scotland is in as much, if not more, trouble in Scotland than the Tories


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    • The election is over. We now need the best councillors elected to serve in the coalition not the slickest operators

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  8. If the new coalition is to be successful then something needs to be done about what are clearly very strained relationships between elected members and the corporate management team. Whether or not people agree that this Council has been failing under the current Chief Executive’s control is up for debate (I think most people on here know where I stand on the debate) however what can’t be denied is that member/officer relations are not what they should be.

    Depending on the nature of the CE’s contract the new administration will, fundamentally, have two options available to them. If she is on a fixed term contract which requires renewal at a set date then they would be able to replace her at that point if they felt she was not capable of performing her role competently. They may, of course, conclude that she is capable and agree on a contract extension.

    If she is on a permanent contract with no break point then the administration needs to assess whether her performance has been satisfactory and deal with this accordingly. In this scenario she would be treated the same way as any other employee and performance issues would be addressed via a proper performance management process (which could, and I stress could, result in dismissal if, after following a proper process, the performance doesn’t improve).

    Dealing with performance issues at director level is slightly different as the administration have no direct control over the appointment and removal of directors. They have (or should have) performance issues managed in the same way as any other employee however the problem here is that they report directly to the CE and if there are question marks over her competence then you could argue that she is not capable of managing the performance issues of those who report directly to her.

    What the new Administration need to consider is whether or not their opposition to issues such as the schools closures was because they were opposed to the policy, opposed to the lack of competence shown by Council officers during the consultation process and in the consultation papers, or a combination of the two. If they were opposed to the lack of competence to a material extent (and any other areas of competence amongst the senior staff) then they can’t be seen to duck their responsibility to challenge the CE and CMT and ensure they are accountable for their failings. Just because it happened under the previous administration’s watch does not mean the issue should be overlooked.

    Roddy McCuish says ‘The people of Argyll have given us a clear mandate for change in the way the work of this council is conducted.’ It is encouraging to hear those words and there is much talk of ‘change’ in the air’
    Recognition of the desire for change makes it crystal clear that change is required and part of that process has to be to identify what has gone wrong, or stood still for too long, and take corrective action. If that means removal of the CMT or close performance management of them then I urge the Administration to be strong and take the necessary steps.

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    • Coincidentally we are working on an article on this very matter which will shortly be published – and we agree that it could not be more important.

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  9. Employment legislation affects senior management a bit different from the PBI. Crucial in management and leadership is trust. If the employers of the CEO (ie the councillors) feel that they have lost trust in their CEO then the contract can be terminated without the need to go through the usual series of appraisals, warnings etc. Usually there is a financial settlement involved in terminating a contract early (and that is usually one year’s pay). If the CEO is on a fixed term contract (and that would be good practise) then all the councillors need to do is agree that the contract will not be renewed – the notice period of this will be in the existing contract (and is again usually one year).

    My understanding is that all other employees can only have their contracts terminated by the CEO.

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  10. I would think it sensible to allow the CEO to explain the conditions she was operating under before we all jump to conclusions. This is not an attempt to excuse completely unacceptable behaviour on a number of issues but a suggestion that the CEO may be able to explain what pressures were brought to bear on her as she did her work. Could be illuminating and very useful – particularly if appropriate measures are to be taken to insure that Dick Walsh does not rise from politically dead as he was allowed to do over ten years ago after Jean McFadden of Strathclyde University and the Ombudsman both suggested he was not a fit person to hold public office

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    • Dave, I would normally agree with common sense like that, however, having seen Ms Loudon and her executive pets in action at Kilmory at a number of meetings, I would have to say that will need to be one hell of an excuse to justify their actions.

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    • I think that should go without saying Dave. Any action taken to assess performance to date and potential looking forward should be a proper and thorough process which views the roles, duties, actions and influences (and how these were responded to) that are relevant to any such review.

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  11. Nice to see Labour starting to get a grip and putting up decent proposals.A lot to like in their manifesto,my old socialist heart has had a great week not just locally but nationally.Labour will need to gear up in Argyll, I would certainly be very interested to play a part if they are true to their words.As for Roddy he’s the man but he will need quality behind him not the ship jumpers.
    Power to the People.

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  12. Interesting to read Brian Monteith’s article about Peter de Vink in today’s Scotsman -the link is above in item 8 – along with the searching analysis of the Glasgow voting patterns in Gerry Hassan’s blog. Both of those thoughtful contributioms to the current debate indicate that Scottish politics is once again on the move and that the regular pundits in the BBC and the print media are, for the most part, floundering in the wake.

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