Nice to be smiling this morning :) …

Comment posted McCuish announces details of ‘team fit to build recovery in Argyll and Bute’ by Crazy She-Bat.

Nice to be smiling this morning :)

Crazy She-Bat also commented

  • Thanks Mairi. I know my kids often complain that the stuff is tasteless and unhealthy.
  • Mairi, brilliant link. How do you know its Argyll though? Had a look for more info, but couldn’t find any.

Recent comments by Crazy She-Bat

  • PHEW. Scotland can sleep easy. Alan Reid says we can keep the pound.
    Oh well, if Alan says so, it must be true!

    I really don’t know what all the stramash is about anyway – we already have our own Scottish money as anyone who has ever tried to pay for something in England with a Bank of Scotland note will testify.

    “Aye, I got it fae a game a monopoly”

  • Usain Bolt, the Times report and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
    I really don’t give a sh** if Usain Bolt said “sh**” – big deal.

    Its not what I will remember when looking back at the Games in years to come. I was, admittedly, on the warpath when I was unable to get tickets and was hearing of loads of people who had tickets to 7 different events. I did almost run for the hills when the tartan puke-fest team outfits were unveiled (please let them wear something else for the closing ceremony!). The cringeworthy first sequence of the opening ceremony almost had me choking on my Tunnock’s teacake, but my family and I have been glued to the tv for the last week watching as many sports as we can. My kids have been going outside to play “Commonwealth Athletes” and have made their own little exercise regime. We’ve cheered on Scottish athletes, supported the others, not booed the English, even got a bit choked up last night seeing Hampden rocking to the Proclaimers (I hope that was seen by billions!).

    Thing is, I have rarely felt so proud to be Scottish. I really don’t care about the semantics of if its Glasgow or Scotland’s games – the point is they have been excellent and a great advert for our country.

    I’m proud to be Scottish. Proud to be from one of the “Home Nations” – and I am still voting “Yes”. I want decisions about my country made by people I’ve elected, not by English, Welsh & Northern Irish MPs – no offence to any of them. Sport has nothing to do with it.

    Our country, our decisions.

  • No nationalist politicisation of the Games?
    I do agree with you in one respect Sceptic. Why have a Proclaimers song performed without the Proclaimers? Surely, we could have afforded the real thing!
  • No nationalist politicisation of the Games?
    I stand corrected, however, I did watch it live and don’t remember seeing half of those shots. I can admit this is perhaps my error as it wasn’t until the following day, a video taken from within the crowd went out on social media that looks as if there is a great deal more flags. If I can find the video again, I will post a link.

    I did forget to say in my original post, maybe Newsie could investigate the reports that the MOD were asked to provide a helicopter to fly over Parkhead so Salmond could jump out James Bond style with a big saltire parachute with “Yes” on it?

  • No nationalist politicisation of the Games?
    Wow! Been so busy hiding in the hills from the tartan overdose I missed this article!

    Maybe because I am probably one of the commenters who lives a bit nearer to Glasgow than most, I have a completely different take on this?

    1. Opening ceremony – Cringetastic! Highlights were the games being opened by 2 openly gay people and a male/male kiss seen by billions around the world. Although Karen “Shotgun Nostrils” Dunbar does my head in, it was a good idea to have them open the games considering its illegal to be gay in 42 of the 53 Commonwealth Countries. I also hear Eck has the rainbow flag flying instead of the saltire for the duration of the games.

    2. Red, white and blue over the Girodome. Most Weegies see a totally different symbolism in this.

    3. Wheel out the oldest, wrinkliest, auld duffer you can find to prove Scots are not genetically wired to die before they are 50. No I don’t mean Sir Chris Hoy’s uncle, I’m talking Rod Stewart. Sounds no bad for a guy that gargles with razor blades.

    If you really want a story – ask yourselves why the Scottish crowd’s reaction to our team entering the stadium was not shown on the BBC? I’ve seen video on the dreaded Social Media of that moment and there is a sea of Saltires and Lion Rampants being waved all over the stadium. Why wasn’t that shown?

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37 Responses to Nice to be smiling this morning :) …

  1. Is it not a bit odd to announce the Chair of Cowal and Bute Area Committee before one third of that area has even had a chance to elect its councillors?

    I realise Roddy is trying to steal a march here, and this sort of manoeuvring is to be expected. But is it not a bit disrespectful towards the people of Dunoon that their councillors are – by dint of timing – not even in the reckoning?

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  2. I note ‘education and learning’ has been kepy open for mr Breslin or another? Another day would have been better, but new admin very keen to get off starting blocks.

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  3. If this is going to be a truly progressive alliance they will need to tackle the iniquitous social care charging system as a matter of urgency.

    An independent survey has shown that it charges some of the highest rates in Scotland. It seems to regularly bill service users for services they haven’t received and appears to have been designed by the finance department for the finance department and not for the service users or their care managers.

    Either by luck or design the Progressive Alliance has made an inspired choice in Anne Horn as the champion for vulnerable adults. I hope that her sound understanding of their problems, allied to her well known propensity for hard work, will start to overcome many of the problems of social care and bring more fairness to the system.

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    • Totally agree,
      I spoke to councilor McCuish last year about the deliberate exclusion of service users in any crucial engagement regards charges for service provision and he was shocked that there was no dialogue regards charges with clients.

      I suspect the officers done the deal with well paid mangers in the voluntary sector and the commissioning team.If so, it’s absolutely shameful by Loudon.

      Through ForArgyl, I again challenge Sally Loudon, Douglas Hendry, or Jim Robb (Adult Care)to a proper consultation in the Corran Halls with the appropriate councilors. True to form they have run away. Cowards!

      I would urge Councilor McCuish to order a review of these charges immediately. I am being charged 75% of my disposable income.

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    • Luck is always a useful component when engaged in government but I can assure Bob Chicken that her colleagues and friends are well aware of Anne Horn’s abilities and her suitability for this appountment.

      Apropos Mairi’s comment at #1 I suspect that Roddy is not banking on Mr Walsh’s support!

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  4. Oh yes, one more thing on the Social Care agenda. How about planning for returning the unique services of Neighbourhood Networks to our communities?

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  5. I think it is safe to say Education has been kept as to be concluded until after the result of today’s election. I don’t know Michael Breslin but, from what I have heard, he is the obvious candidate for the role.

    I thought George Freeman might by appointed as Deputy Leader due to his somewhat lengthy experience (sorry George!) within the Council however, that said, John Semple is a fine candidate for the job and I have no doubt he will support Roddy McCuish superbly.

    A number of other very sensible choices. Good to see George returning to the role of Housing Spokesperson. It was shamefully stripped of him and his knowledge in this area means he is comfortably the best man for the job.
    I am also very pleased to see James Robb as the Finance Spokesperson. He has proven he has a fine grasp of LG finances and it is unlikely that some of the financial errors made in the past two years will get by him as easily as they got by the previous administration (deliberately or otherwise).

    The staff liaison role, if the anecdotal (I put that in for Simon) evidence that ARSN has picked up over the past 18 months is anything to go by, is a very welcome and overdue idea. Dougie Philand is an ideal choice, approachable, very fair and a track record of putting the job before himself.

    Other choices which were no brainers based on previous experience and clearly communicated commitments are Anne Horn as the Adult’s Champion, Elaine Robertson as Carer’s champion and Louise Glen-Lee’s spokesperson role.
    All in all it would appear the right people have been selected for the right jobs and it is good to see that the majority of the deputies are new councillors – hopefully this aid in development and stand them in good stead for future roles

    Good luck to all of them.

    And as a last point – James as Chair of H&L Area Committee – fantastic! Cllr Dance always liked to lord over any position of authority she had, somewhat satisfying to see she has next to none now.

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  6. Delighted to see James Robb as Helensburgh and Lomond area chairman. First job: stop the CHORD destruction of Colquhoun Square. Second job: Take charge of the CHORD board.

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      • ALL CORD schemes throughout Argyll must be put into suspension and reviewed. In fact even the principles behind CORD needs looking into and a fresh alternative brought forward.

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        • This would be wise. Much of the programme is formless and in disarray. It has now lost a key member of staff, its Programme Coordinator. who is moving south to a new job.
          All in all, this has to be the right moment for executive intervention and reform – and no consultants. If council officers are not up to doing this themselves, they are not up to their jobs.

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      • And don’t let Vivien Dance anywhere near the Planning Committee in future! Her close links with property developers in Helensburgh make her unfit to serve on that committee in a proper way. Send her elsewhere!

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  7. Robert MacIntyre as Chair of Bute & Cowal Area Committee??

    Will he stay awake long enough to get past the round of “Good Mornings”

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  8. I suggest Argyll First change their group name to the more appropriate MONEY FIRST . Thirty pieces of silver to betray 305 years of successful Union .

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    • what a vindictive and narrow minded attitude. You may not agree with an individuals politics but you should at least respect their right to have another perspective than yours. At least Argyll First have the temerity to put aside any doctrinal differences for the benefit of the local community with a wish to at least improve and open up the Argyll and Bute Council functions that require serious attention. They also put their names to their comments and actions as do I. ITS A PITY YOU ARE NOT BRAVE ENOUGH to do similar. What have you got to hide?

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    • Islay for ever: No mention of the people and the land of SCOTLAND being sold out to the puppet prince william just for the protection of the engaylish

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        • Islay for ever
          Don’t class me with the Scottish nationalists, the SNP have sold us out just like the lords and lairds of old (look up salmond and agenda21 treaty of Rio) as for a “mask” sorry but I don’t wear one, I have no need of a king queen or Pope LOL as for “ugly racist anti engaylish” well that just has my sides splitting, guess the white settler English in Scotland have had a humour bypass my English business partners have always found the funny side to the “engaylish title or my favourite engerland (German queen)
          But guess Argyll has gone all PC on me since I was away working in England and Wales

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