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Mairi, Anne Horn would never ever knowingly let …

Comment posted Lochgilphead primary pupil’s internet exposure of poor school meals goes viral by Anne Baird.

Mairi, Anne Horn would never ever knowingly let down a child and when she sees a problem she’s always the first to run up the flag. The end result, where those services were kept in place, is entirely in keeping with that. I was not involved as I was very unwell at the time, but at no point would I ever fear for children while Anne Horn is on the case. Mistakes are indeed made, but are only culpable where you leave them unfixed. She fixed this.

I am honest about my party colleagues. Some are better than others in my opinion and they always know what I think, but Anne is universally respected and known to be always on the side of the vulnerable. 652 voters also know it.

Anne Baird also commented

  • Done. I had responded but missed your subsequent attempt to blame Anne Horn for something that never happened.
  • My kids went to Southend Primary School and so loved the school dinners I had to work on a new menu for home. If my offering was something they at in school, I was invariably told it wasn’t as good.

    Not only did they get good portions of nutritious well cooked food, they also had food themes for times of the year e.g. Halloween. Lessons on geography or history were augmented by lunches with an African or Roman flavour. The cook is still there so I expect it’s the same now.

    Poor Martha has obviously had the short straw food wise, but I have no doubt she has a great future ahead of her as a journalist. I just hope Mr McFadyen is held to account for his appalling attempt to blame her, and then her parents, for what is clearly a problem of the council’s making. From any point of view he’s done himself, the council and Argyll & Bute a disservice.

  • Quite right Islay. I think you’ll find that’s why it never saw the light of day.
  • Islay, care to give dates and schools please so I can double check? I’d lay the lives of my kids on it that Anne Horn would be at the forefront of any campaign to protect children or their rights and Isobel Strong would be right behind her. Anne’s vote indicated that the people of Kintyre and the Islands have great faith in her too.

Recent comments by Anne Baird

  • Thuggish Yes campaign benefits from media’s artificial ‘balance’ as Murphy forced to suspend campaign tour
    The assassination threats were made via the police and gave detail of locations of explosives. The police were never going to dismiss that. The culprit was given a year in jail and Alex Salmond continued to campaign.

    Jim Sillars received messages indicating some glee on the death of his wife and saying that arrangements were being made for him to join her. Pretty sickening, but Jim continued to campaign.

    Jim Murphy had an egg thrown at him and quit. Efforts are being made within the YES camp to ensure that all pictures and video footage are passed on to police and a concerted effort is being made to identify the man whose face emerges in those.

  • Sir Ian Wood: Young voters must know Scotland will have little oil and gas output when they are middle aged
    You are right Richard. I meant new as in hitherto untapped but it was not clear. It’s nonetheless massive and it’s just one of several being explored. We could build a lot of infrastructure and savings with that before it runs out. Here’s the BBC take.

  • Sir Ian Wood: Young voters must know Scotland will have little oil and gas output when they are middle aged
    Even the BBC got hold of the new, and quite massive, finds in the Clair field. Or do you really believe David Cameron took time out from his Ww3 crisis to fly out to Shetland to visit a handful of No voters and have a wee peek at some puffins? Plenty of evidence for this if you bother to look.
  • Managed protest at Pacific Quay shames pro-indy campaign
    Please don’t define a whole party on the basis of one person who may or may not be a member. There are many of us with positive things to say who aspire to a better future for all Scots. We may disagree how that might be achieved, but most of us are acting in good faith.
  • No nationalist politicisation of the Games?
    Richard, I totally take on board that there are two sides to that story and am no great fan of Hamas either, but you only have to look at the difference in the map between 1949 and now to see who’s under threat in Israel/Palestine. The horrible reality is that there are 250,000 kids in an area not quite the size of the Uists and they’re all under fire with nowhere to run. Many aren’t old enough even to know they’re Palestinian and they deserve protection regardless of what the adults around them are up to. I don’t see that as bias and, if it is, I share it with Amnesty International and have done for most of the thirty years I’ve been a member.

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