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I raised my concerns with my children’s primary …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by Argyll_Parent.

I raised my concerns with my children’s primary school in Argyll 2yrs ago, with the head teacher, I asked if I could even pay extra for 2 sausages as my boys were so hungry, I asked why the food was so poor and inadequate, I explained that due to my work commitments that the school meal was often the most important meal of their day yet it was the worst! The head replied it was nothing to do with her, the dinner lady in charge was great and called me direct to explain that under council policy she was only allowed to give one sausage and true to the name of Martha’s blog – NeverSeconds, the dinner lady told me the children are not allowed to have second helpings!
I believe there is too much choice for primary school age children, it is not difficult to conjour up 1 meal plus a vegetarian option each day of the week that the majority of kids would eat, if packed lunches were banned then peer pressure would soon see the kids eating again.
Mon – spag Bol veg hidden in it
Tues – chicken curry veg hidden in it
Wed – pork sausages (2!) wedges, baked beans
Thurs – shepherds pie – veg hidden
Fri – fish and chips
If children know that they have to eat school lunch sitting down with their friends in a well behaved manner when they begin school at 5 yrs then we can erase this culture together. Whilst parents are allowed to send their children in with bags of junk food disguised s pack lunches it will never work, let the dinner ladies do what they are good at – cook!
School lunch should be part of the education our children receive as much as the lessons! Yes healthy eating should (in an ideal world) begin at home but not all children are that lucky.

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