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Yes that’s what I’m saying. Just checked the …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by JayC.

Yes that’s what I’m saying. Just checked the FTSE and seemingly Croquettes are the new ‘potato gold’. Get in there quick – there’s a quick buck to be made before all LA’s withdraw from their respective contracts and go local.

JayC also commented

  • : You miss the point -LA’s and A & BC are already tied into national contracts in a number of cases. Individual service area and establishment expenditure is bundled together as a total authority expenditure and then in some cases further grouped in Public Sector expenditure. A tender is then created for whatever the goods or services are and a preferred or approved provider choosen. It is that supplier that MUST be used. So you quote from the handbook and interpret in whatever way you want – the scenario outlined above is representative of how it works in practice. Incidentally your handbook is somewhat out of date and the 2012 version is available. There been a few SSI’s passed since then.
  • Again check the detail and you’ll find that LA’s are tied into national agreements accross a range of goods and services. You must buy paper from X, you must buy meat from Y. Best Value, Value for Money, it’s all about more for less and if you think any different then your kidding yourself on.
  • Private / Public legislation is totally different. If as a private restuarant manager I want to source local produce, say fish, I simply go to the local supplier, choose the finest on display and can even negoitate the price. However, if I as the local catering manager want to do the same, I pick from the supplier on the approved list and it’s shipped to me at a pre-set price and I have to assume it’s meeting a minimum standard in terms of quality. These are realities of bundling contracts together -economies of scale versus local economies.
  • Totally agree re quality produce on our doorstep however we also have government and european imposed procurement restrictions which sadly prevents local produce being purchased as it is not competetive in pure finance terms. (not something I agree with as I’m all for keeping the Argyll pound in Argyll and fully acknowledge all the soci -eco benefits). I’m afraid until such times as monies are allowed to be expended in a sensible manner then the “brake bros” of this world will continue to win tenders and mass supply organisations. However, you are in the right party to get it sorted Anne so…….

Recent comments by JayC

  • Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options
    Totally agree. The public should not forgot those elected reps who betrayed their communities …. Dunoon Ferry broken promises spring to mind!
  • Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options
    Interesting therefore that the SNP is relying on these “weak” councillors to form an administration. Is that how the SNP group view their prospective fellow colleagues? I’m sure Councillors Philand and Freeman will note that view or perhaps have noted it already as evident in the proposed spokespersons /chair allocations. If ratified tomorrow the new SNP led administration will be heavily reliant on these so called “weak” independents not just to make the numbers up but to lend some wise counsel to what is a very inexperienced and not so unified group.
  • Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options
    That’s a relief, for a short while I thought we were going to be denied the opportunity of witnessing a few of the educated, experienced and highly principled “New Dawn” in action. CSB if you’re looking for a home for your popcorn I suggest the MAKI area, the Area meetings will be well worth watching…. Robert maybe even worth the walk into town when being held in Lochgilphead -watch you dont get knocked down tho.
  • Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options
    If an Independent uses their Kingmaker status to secure an investment in their own area or to immediately address their constituents area of concern and joins the “empire” as a result then that’s politics. I’m sure people (their own constituents) will remember them but not for the reasons suggested on here. I’m surprised that none of the other independents have used this tactic, maybe a tad naive. Also perhaps the rather unfortunate published spokespersons list just reinforced the fact that in an SNP coalition there were really just making up the numbers. Squeaky bum time as Sir Alex would say!
  • License charges for performances in Argyll and Bute: Russell warns of cultural threat
    Why bothering writing to the CE, just nip into her office as “we understand” or should I say “it is rumoured” that Mike is the unofficial real leader of the “New Dawn” administration. Would it not have been better to have a wee word in Roddy’s ear and let the administration get the credit for the idea? Or is this an indication of the way its going to work? Mike says….

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