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The proposed school visit by councilors is a …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by S.White.

The proposed school visit by councilors is a welcome first step, but only so long if they speak to children and catering staff in private, individually, at random, without names being taken, and without any Kilmory apparatchiks being present. For obvious reasons!

But their investigation must not end with a dietary assessment of the school meals. They should also ponder on why, once again, Argyll is the focus of ridicule in the national news nedia. Following so soon after the breathtaking ineptitude of the school closure debacle, our reputation for decent standards of local government has been shredded by the antics of the assorted buffoons at Kilmory.

I was disappointed that none of the candidates in the council elections mentioned this issue in their leaflets. It really must be their priority because any efforts to realise their policies will surely founder of they depend on the clowns at head office. Get rid of them. We deserve better.

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    For Hughie –

    I haven’t actually kept a log of the number of times I’ve had to pull over onto a rough and crumbling road verge, inches from a half hidden suspension busting ditch, to avoid a windmill. But it has happened far too often.

    Comparing them to Tesco, Coop, milk lorries is silly. These vehicles transport cargo of intrinsic value which we all require, food. Neither do they require police escorts, so they don’t waste valuable police time.

    As Lowry points out, employment is an important issue. But it makes no sense, economic or moral, to create jobs for a few windmill makers by adding to the fuel poverty of the entire country.

  • Campbeltown rumours about Wind Towers declared unfounded
    On the other hand, if the rumours ARE true, then it is also good news. No more convoys of enormous windmill components trundling up and down our inadequate roads, knocking the stuffing out of them, causing traffic congestion, and diverting our police from their proper duties. And all paid for by us taxpayers.
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    Thanks for setting me straight. Poor things, now I feel so churlish for slagging them.
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    Now that we have a new appointee to the press office, do we need to continue paying for the absentee, Jo Smith?
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    I don’t suppose I’m the only one to wonder what will happen in future when our army has been cut by another 20,000. Say, for example, another foot and mouth outbreak coinciding with our forces being fully committed to another of the vanity wars which seem to have become a rite of passage for our recent prime ministers. Shudder.

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