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Actually, I am all in favour in paying …

Comment posted The shape of the new council by Simon.

Actually, I am all in favour in paying councillors a decent allowance and extra for additional resposibilities.

What I was doing of course was comparing and contrasting newsie’s treatment of councillors’ allowances in the previous adminstration with this new one.

I recognise that there is a financial cost to democracy – regardless of who is in power. And unlike newsie (and some of the more vociferous on here) I don’t choose to rail against councillor’s allowances if the elected administration is not my first choice.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Simon also commented

  • Well Robert, we’ll see what we’ll see. 😉

    Remember you have those two serial flippers Mary-Jean and Robb on board. And of course the whole snp group who were in the admistration with Tricky and Co.(before mike russell told them to get out…)

    From the look of things all those who jumped into the SNP-led rag-bag alliance have been rewarded with special repsonsibility posts. I’ll say one thing for them – they’ve got their noses in the trough early this time… 😉

    Have a nice evening. 🙂

  • Thanks Cllr Freeman – I appreciate that. One of the ‘like’ ticks is from me. 🙂

    So, I guess the fact that the new admisitration has exactly the same number and total amount (of allowances)as the previous admistration really just exposes, yet again, Newsie’s biased blog.

    If she keeps inventing rubbish stories like this (you must remember the never-ending ‘rag-bag alliance’, ’30 pieces of silver’ and ‘noses in the trough’ crap) she’ll get her press accreditation in no time….

    Have a nice night and sleep safe in knowledge that you have a new Council. 🙂

    ps You’ll be pleased to learn that the Samaritans have been stood down.

  • Good luck to the new council.

    Now, can someone – anyone – tell me how many people under this regime are getting additional repsonsibility payments compared to the previous administration?

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