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My daughter attends Glenbarr ps. Each child is …

Comment posted Lochgilphead primary pupil’s internet exposure of poor school meals goes viral by morag.

My daughter attends Glenbarr ps. Each child is given a weekly menu sheet with 2 choices. This ensures that parents can see at a glance what their child is being offered. On a Monday they pick their individual meal. The meals are made on the premises by a lovely lady called Helen ( she also drives the school bus and does the cleaning!)

When the funding for the childrens fruit was stopped, the Parent Council decided to invite local parents and friends to join the kids at one lunchtime a week. The benefits have been amazing, with a great uptake and as a result there is plenty of fruit and the interaction is brilliant.
(By the way, Helen’s lentil soup is to die for!)

morag also commented

  • What is patently obvious with this furore…..larger schools…..larger problems!

    I would love to know, if seating at lunchtimes at LJC is as inadequate as some say….what edjit thought that cramming so many children into one area was a good idea????

  • “Rural schools= frozen, processed food. Lazy”

    Sorry, I have to take issue with your analogy. Our local primary for eg. gives a very balanced and nutritious lunch meal….I can testify to that! One day a week is open to adults to join the children and have lunch. There is also a weekly meal list for the children to choose.
    Too much generalising. They’re not all the same.

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