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Well it didn’t take you lot long – …

Comment posted Council Leader, Councillors, CEO, Senior Officers: working relationships by Simon.

Well it didn’t take you lot long – the adminsitration has not even been formally formed yet you want senior officials sacked.

So, is this what we can expect from the SNP-led ‘Coalition for Progrees’? A pogrom? A night of the long knives? A vindictive lynch-mob howling for sackings?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Simon also commented

  • Crazy make your mind up – it’s either “However, I am in full agreement. This should be done by the book”

    Or it’s your previous comment

    “There is no alternative, Sally Bin Loudon must go. A new CEO is necessary, one who is not a power-crazed control freak, but one who is dedicated to the actual requirements of the post. Honeymonster Hendry is long in need of being exorcised from his position. Time to hit the golf course.
    The whole Education Department is in a mess (and Social Care), so Carol Walker (don’t know her married name) needs to get the boot as well”.

    Crazy, you really can’t have it both ways…

    And by the way it’s certainly not Karma. Rather it is mean-small-minded-vindictive revenge on officers you perceive to have the audacity to carry out the political wishes of the previous adminstration.

    I shall have a nice day thank you – and a clear conscience. πŸ˜‰

  • This is nothing more than petty, vindictive, nastiness from an on-line lynch mob.

    You want the alternative Crazy??? Well I am surprised I thought you said you used to work for a Council. Well no matter here’s the alternative – if there is one shred of evidence of wrongdoing (and I do mean evidence not the “we hear”, “we understand” or anyother kind of completely unsubstantiated rubbish accusationsof the type offerred all too often on here) – then the Council can instigate its proper disciplinary procedures.

    But you certainly don’t decide on the result you want before you do that. You don’t trample on peoples’ rights and you don’t act in a mean spirited, twisted and bitter way. Because if you do it will come back to bite you on your bum.

    Hopefully McCuish has more sense than the you lot combined!

    I’ll say it again – you should be ashamed of yourselves to join in this type of witch-hunt. Thoroughly ashamed.

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