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Have had a look at the 4-weekly menus …

Comment posted Lochgilphead primary pupil’s internet exposure of poor school meals goes viral by barmore.

Have had a look at the 4-weekly menus for primary pupils in LJC. I have to say that bread and fruit seem to be available every day, as is a hot meal option. Baked potatoes with various fillings are available every day. Soup is available every 3rd day.Pizza only appears once in 4 weeks; burgers 3 times; hot dogs once. I think, with the right choices, pupils could eat a healthy, balanced meal of starter + main hot meal + bread or main hot meal + bread + fruit from what is on offer. However, perhaps the menus have changed?

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  • The Almighty has come out as a Nat
    I keep coming on here in the hope to get Argyll weather/road news. That seems to have been abandoned. Now we have yet another”nat” non-story in a tale of a burnt-out router.

    What on earth has happened to the Forargyll reporting of Argyll news?

  • ONE VOTE for freedom – with Scotland’s BIG Voice
    I am sad to see the editorial on ForArgyll descend into such partisan posturing.
    Scotland, over the last 3 years, has enjoyed a sharing of political, social, cultural debate. Whatever anyone’s personal political preference, that experience is – surely – to be lauded.
    We learned much; shared much; entered into debate in a way we have never done before.
    The Referendum is past: gone, done…and we move on. Well, that’s what I thought. While many of us are moving on to try to ensure a stronger voice for Scotland in Westminster (the union voted for) some cannot move on
    This general election is our chance to show that, in a union, we can still make our voices heard.
    Why is this a problem? And why are you, ForArgyll, so against this?
  • SNP candidate short list for Argyll & Bute down to three
    Does money compensate for a life, living where you choose? Do restaurant meals match to what we can experience at home?

    I would not feel “lucky” to be either MP or MSP.

    I would not cut anyone’s throat to be either

  • SNP candidate short list for Argyll & Bute down to three
    I attended the hustings in Tarbert on 24th January. I had not heard of any of the candidates beforehand, so wanted to hear them speak (not just their speeches, but replies to questions)
    While I felt all 3 were worthy, I have to say that Brendan spoke not to written script and to the heart. Soft-spoken but effective nonetheless. Simon also spoke very well, and would be able for any in a debate. Anthony had his speech well-prepared.
    Rather than playing one against the other, Newsie, I think we should welcome the fact the 3 SNP candidates are willing to to give up 5 years of their lives to go to the cesspit that is Westminster
  • Murphy’s Irn Bru tour for the Union
    I used to enjoy ForArgyll and looked forward to reports of news in our area (as opposed to mainstream news which frequently forgot about us) I even contributed in years past

    Recently, I have felt uneasy about the change of tone and focus. The very long article above perhaps encapsulates the change. An MP (not an Argyll MP – unless I have missed something) from Westminster has been allocated a large amount of space in an online publication called ForArgyll

    Could we please get back to reading, on a website called ForArgyll, news and articles which reflect our lives and experiences here?

    Thank you

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