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One has to ask where the LibDems are …

Comment posted Argyll and Bute Council: the empire strikes back with Argyll facing worst of all options by Bob Chicken.

One has to ask where the LibDems are in this piece. They say that they are a “progressive” party yet don’t want to take part in a “progressive” alliance.

Surely after their experience with the previous “regressive” alliance they would jump at the chance of supporting the progressive alternative.

They are working with SNP and Scottish Labour led administrations (e.g.Highland Council) the length and breadth of Scotland yet don’t seem to want to work with the SNP here. Surely compromise is in the nature of local politics – get the best deal for your constituents and fight their corner for them without compromising your core principles.

So, are they progressive or are they just Tories in sheep’s clothing?

I haven’t seen any statement from them or the Tories saying which core principles would be compromised by working with the Progressive Alliance.

Perhaps they and the Tories are concerned that the, no doubt, passionate and hard fought referendum debate over the next two and a bit years could sour working relationships. If so they should say so.

Perhaps it is the SNP or their partners that are uncompromising and getting in the way of a deal?

Surely it is better to either thrash out a deal with the largest group and rule out the uncertainty or make a clear statement as to why you can’t achieve a deal so that we all understand why?

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    When ForArgyll went on to hold I was much saddened by its demise but always hoped that it would return and start putting our wee corner of the world to rights again.

    It has always been a challenging site which was not feart to cock a snook at authority and challenge popular opinion. It was not afraid to be wrong and was honest enough to admit when it was. It was something of a beacon in a journalistic world that has become so clouded by vested interests.

    I have often found myself challenged by this site. Its views have annoyed and delighted me in equal measure (and sometimes both at the same time!).

    We are now descending into the age of post-truth politics where a mendacious social media has taken over from even, vaguely honest, accountable politics and has the power to ensure the election of a carpet bagging, mendacious bully into the most powerful elected office on Earth. It is such a shame that this essentially honest and principled site has descended into a playground for a never-ending blame game between nationalists and unionists. It has become its own version of Groundhog day.

    I really would love to hear ‘Newsie’s’ opinion on events within and without Argyll again. ForArgyll deserves better than this!

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    I note that, in the reply to question 1, Derek MacKay avoids any mention of community consultation. To date,community consultation seems to be notably absent from the tendering process.
  • 13th April Poll of Polls shows rise in anticipated SNP seats at Westminster
    Clearly you have a set of values that should stand you in good stead. Debate as hard as you like,just remember to try and avoid collateral damage when you do so.
  • 13th April Poll of Polls shows rise in anticipated SNP seats at Westminster
    I am not trying to make any political point. I work with vulnerable adults and see, on a daily basis, how these sort of comments just reinforce people’s prejudices and make life more difficult for those who already have more problems than most of us would care to imagine.

    I am sorry to see that you take this as a party political comment on my behalf. It was not meant that way. It is a huge issue for me – above party politics.

    In this election I am aware that most parties (including the SNP) have recognised that Mental Health is an area where much improvement is needed and I am delighted to see that it is getting much needed publicity (and, hopefully, funding) as a result.

    Perhaps I was rather harsh in the way I commented on your piece. Before I worked in this field I was as likely as anyone else to make similar ‘clever’ comments to yours. I hope I have learned my lesson. I also hope that you can find it in yourself to do the same.

  • 13th April Poll of Polls shows rise in anticipated SNP seats at Westminster
    Your ‘clever’ wee jibe employing stereotyped images of vulnerable people does neither your arguments, nor your party any favours at all.

    All it does is to increase the stigma that these folk suffer every day of their lives.

    Can I suggest that you refrain from such cheap jibes in future!

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