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Naw, you were right the first time “doc”: …

Comment posted Dunoon Ward count and RESULT by Simon.

Naw, you were right the first time “doc”: it’s your imgination. 🙂 🙂

Simon also commented

  • Now I DID notice that Gus.

    It seems pretty obvious that if he was ever selected then Dave McEwan Hill got trounced/disowned/banned/deselected or whatever.

    My guess though Gus is that whatewver the reason – like our Amatuer Anne – he won’t answer a straight question either. 😉

    Have a nice night people 😉

  • Gus “But Simon the nats have previously selected Dave as a candidate” – can hardly believe that!!

    Surely a man of his stature and ability must have been elected?

    Him and Anne whatshernamethingy as well, down yon way in Kintyre?????

    Shoe-ins both of them…. 🙂

  • Oh I know you won “doc” I saw the on-line lynch mob on here shortly afterwards demanding revenge and demanding heads.

    A new dawn? A new day? Pardon me erst I vomit…

  • Anne Gus? Is this the same person rejected by the electorate in Kintyre? The ‘I will not answer difficult questions’ Anne?
  • You don’t half talk some keech Dave – oh ye of the gratutitous insult.

    So, how come the nats never selected you as a candidate?

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