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Thanks, George. Glad to see there’s no PFI …

Comment posted on Council suspends Helensburgh CHORD Colquhoun Square redesign by Stephen Mackenzie

Thanks, George. Glad to see there’s no PFI involved.

Stephen Mackenzie also commented

  • Well, actually, buses are a case in point. We have an opportunity to move the main bus stops to outside the station, to create what’s known in other places as a bus station, and fix the slightly unsafe “wrong way” taxi rank there. It’s this kind of detail that the CHORD plan didn’t seem to consider at all.
  • Ah, yes, the money. Someone told me that the money was in fact a PFI style loan. Is there any truth to that?

    And yes, another delay in a town that does nothing to delay, but you can only do CHORD once and it’s important that it’s done right, and concerned with more than appearances.

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