With you on that one coracle. They …

Comment posted Council lose Court of Session case raised by Helensburgh Landlord by Crazy She-Bat.

With you on that one coracle. They obviously don’t assess Best Value on their own performances.

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  • Alan Reid visit supports Machrihanish Airbase campaign for United Kingdom Spaceport
    Well, if anyone should know about this stuff, it’s Argyll’s number one space cadet, Alan Reid.

    He needs to stop sniffing the jet fuel.

    There have been some crazy claims over the past couple of weeks, but this one takes the biscuit.

  • Karl Hughes: What part would an Independent Scotland be able to play in the global war against IS?
    Oban Worthy, I did not say I want the people who work at Faslane out of a job – don’t twist my words to suit your own purposes.

    There would need to be other options explored to counteract the loss of the base to the area.

    Perhaps this would be an option: http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/top-stories/trident-removal-may-allow-oil-and-gas-exploration-1-3241185

    Losing the base would not be the end of the world and certainly not the end of Argyll & Bute – and I love a quiet day in Luss. Disnae happen very often.

  • Karl Hughes: What part would an Independent Scotland be able to play in the global war against IS?
    Karl, your article raises a lot of questions about our future and I can’t help wondering how much the government in Westminster has thought ahead and designed the Armed Forces into what they are now, so that it certainly gives the impression that Scotland would be defenceless as an Independent country.

    For me, I don’t want nuclear missiles in my country – sorry, but that’s my view. I would rather the people employed at Faslane were employed in different industries. I don’t see why an Independent Scotland can’t have it’s own Armed Forces and have it’s own seat at the NATO table. I think we should stand united with the rest of the free world against terrorists and tyrants and diplomacy should always be the first line of attack and defence. However, dealing with terrorists has no easy answer as I am sure you know and its a problem all countries face equally regardless of size and sovereignty and as such, Scotland should play its part in any action taken against terrorism.

    Should we achieve Independence, there are a daunting number of organisational issues that will need sorted out including our Armed Forces – it may be a logistical nightmare, but it is attainable. I keep saying, Independence brings us options.

    Finally, in light of the horrible news about David Haines, please stay safe out there.

  • Sillars no authority but authentic voice of ‘Yes’ culture of intimidation and retribution
    Me thinks the swear box at No.10 might be overflowing at the moment.

    I have to say, I don’t see the big deal in Cameron saying “effing”. The guy has had a stressful week and he is human.

  • Andrew Argyle: Scots turkeys vote for Christmas
    Correct me if I am wrong, but this article is by Andrew Argyle – not Lynda Henderson, so Willie, your attack is not only bigoted, idiotic, rubbish but also aimed at the wrong person.

    I may not have agreed with Lynda on everything recently, or with many of the comments and articles on For Argyll, but a personal attack on her is completely out of order.

    I don’t care what side of the great divide you fall on, a Scotland independent or not has no place for morons like you.

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17 Responses to With you on that one coracle. They …

  1. ‘How much has this cost?’ – presumably quite a lot, if the council took it to the High Court. If ‘the calibre of the legal advice that the council and its officers are receiving internally and externally’ is toxic, perhaps the council could limit their loss by terminating (or at the very least transferring out of harm’s way) the internal adviser responsible for this debacle, and deducting the council’s costs from their pension package. External advisers could be difficult to sue, but it would be reassuring to have it confirmed that no more advice would be sought from that source.

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    • What a wonderful idea and just to balance things up when the Council wins a dispute the advisor could be given a huge bonus. Do you honestly expect a local authority to win every case it contests? It must be good to be utterly perfect like yourself. I’m surprised you didnt make a bigger mark on the world.

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      • Sorry if I hit a nerve, JayC – perfection’s got nothing to do with it – why are you defending the advisers who’ve dropped the council in it, when the council’s struggling for want of finance? Or do you think the council’s a glorified job creation scheme for the senior staff, and anything goes? A case of the ‘untouchables’?

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        • No nerves here bt if you want to penalise poor performance lets rewards good performance! The suggestion that an employees pension should be altered as a result of “interpretation of law” is ridiculous. Based on both your and Coracles thinking then I assume you’ll be shouting for Alex Salmond /Keith Brown to go if the contractor challenging the Serco Ferries tender award is successful? After all we all want consistency and transparency! As DC would say LOL.

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          • Shouldn’t your ‘interpretation of law’ read ‘misinterpretation of law’? You’re mixing threads, but no, I wouldn’t be calling for a fatwa on politicians; whoever ‘managed’ the Kilcreggan ferry fiasco in SPT should be given the bum’s rush, and if someone in Transport Scotland bungled the Northern Isles contract they should be held accountable. It’s surely reasonable to expect people to be adequately qualified to adequately execute their job, and you could be picking a bad time to suggest giving rewards for not screwing up – witness recent shareholder’s meetings, and the furore over London bus drivers threatening strike action unless they get extra money for doing their jobs during the Olympics. p.s. in some places LOL is translated as ‘Lordy oh Lordy’ – take your pick.

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      • It might be illuminating to see the Council’s record in such cases over, say, the past ten years. There has been , I suspect, a policy of attempting to “face down” possible litigants with the threat of expensive High Court action. Of course we do not then hear of the consequences when the bluff is called and the people of Argyll & Bute pick up the tab.

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      • As a Council taxpayer in Argyll & Bute and I suspect you are also, I do not expect this Council to continue wasting our money in court cases that they quite obviously cannot win. This case bares all the hallmarks of one I have just won against them(another waste of money). The time has come for the Council Officer/s who are responsible for filling Brodies bank account with our Council tax money to be exposed and forced to explain there actions. This blatant misuse of money in a private business would be treated as commercial suicide. However it seems that these officers are left to make there own decisions and waste Council tax money in a cavalier fashion without any of our Councillors being fully informed of what is going on and the likelihood of success. Lets hope our new administration put an end to this and the money wasted is utilised on far more important cash strapped services.
        This may even lead to the children in Lochgilphead getting a decent school dinner..

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  2. incompetence but also sleazey as the council tries to evade a few pounds on a technicality but loses thousands in the resulting court case. bin louden must go.

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  3. It might be worth pointing out that this incompetence was yet another example of why the administration had to change.
    We now have a new one.

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  4. Can someone please say what this premises is used for and what is the justification for renting this property? How much property does the Council rent in total?

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  5. The incoming administration – entitled, as elected members, to see the legal advice received on this matter, might make it public in the interests of transparency.

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  6. LOL. Me has preference for Dave Cameron’s reported use as LOTS OF LOVE. What we all need, particularly directed toward our new administration entrusted by us, the electorate, to bring forth better local government.

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